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What Are the Several Cons of Homework?

by Apr 17, 2016Homework Help

Several students might have debated for time and long about the importance of homework. They detest homework that is no surprise, but could there actually be any cons of homework? The answer is in the affirmative.  It is not surprise that students do not like homework and will do anything to about it. There are certain disadvantages of doing homework. This might be news for the students and they might be exhilarated by now and preaching about how exactly they were right.
It is true that there might be various cons of homework but that does not exempt you from completing it. Moreover, it is an important aspect of learning and because of tradition, like we had to do it, so it is necessary that you have to bear the same burden too. While many may oppose the necessity of homework as it does stresses them out, many teachers and parents do support it existence as they believe that it helps the students out in some way or the other. Thus, it becomes necessary for you to do your homework.
The cons of homework
As a student, I had wondered time and gain what could be the cons of homework but found out that apart from the disliking part, there couldn’t be much stated to substantiate my point of view. But, as I grew up and started working at an educational institution and saw the students suffer from workload, I could empathize with their problem and understand why it poses a problem to them. Thus, listed below are some of the cons of doing homework.

  • Increases stress:

It is a well-known fact that the presence of homework increases the stress in student’s life. It over burdens the students as they always think bout completing them and makes them over analyse these things. Moreover, sorting through so much homework exhausts them and leaves very little time to relax.

  • Degrades the communication channel between a parent and a child:

Because the child won’tcomplete or sit down to complete their homework, there’s a constant tension that last between a parent and a student which deteriorates this fragile relationship. They would do anything other than sit down and do their homework. This increases conflicts at home. All paths of communication are broken down as parents think that their child will not dowell without completing their homework, which further aggravates the situation at home.

  • Prevents them from socializing:

The students are kept away from socializing when they are busy doing their homework.  Socializing is very important to a child as it makes them develop considerable skills that allow them to sustain successfully later in life. Moreover, it allows them interact with people freely but cautiously and makes them aware of their surroundings. However, when they are slummed with homework, this is reduced and it affects their experiences.

  • Consumes their free time:

Schoolwork takes up most of their time and leave behind very little time for the children to relax. Thus, form a very low age they are over worked and exhausted as they rarely get any free time to play or concentrate and develop their other activities. Thus, homework restrains   them from having any fun and having a playful childhood.

  • Makes them wary of studies:

Because the children are always over worked and exhausted, they are not so keen to study at regular hours. Homework drives away that passion to study. They start fearing the subjects and develop a dissension with them. And thus, they look for every possible excuse to run away from studies because of homework.

  • Rarely caters to the needs of the children:

The study pattern is not the same for every child. While one might need to concentrate on maths, for example, another might need to concentrate on English. The homework assigned by the teachers, do not cater to the needs of the children and usually result in a bulk work. Thus, it is not academically helpful to all.
Despite the cons of homework, students still not to complete them. No amounts of excuses help them to get out of it and here’s why.
Why is it necessary?
Homework is necessary because of the various benefits that it has to offer. Allows the students to practice the theory and allowsthem to track their progress. Moreover, it allowsthem to go over everything that has been taught in class. It is nearly impossible to remember everything taught in class and doing homework on that particular topic, helps them remember and better their memorizing capabilities. It allows the students to delve into the subject and figure out whether they like it or not and would like to pursue it in future. You can find the top 10 reasons why homework is important if you just Google online and will be surely convinced to go do it.
Get it done
No matter what reason you bring forth to substantiate your case for cons of homework, at the end of it you have to do it. So how do you accomplish such a tedious task without getting into trouble? Listed below is how you can.

  • Step 1:

Get rid of all distractions and organize yourself before you sit down to study. This will allow you to focus better at the work at hand and also save a lot of your time from wasting.

  • Step 2:

Make a list of all the topics you have to cover and estimate the time that would be required. Designate an estimated time limit for each and every topic and then start with the one that appears to be most difficult to you. Start with the toughest and finish with the easiest. This will save considerable amount of time.

  • Step 3:

Take short breaks in between while trying to finish off the homework. In case the topic or the subject appears to be a bit tough, then immediately inform your parents or teacher that you would like some help with it.
In spite of some cons of homework being present, the advantages outweigh the cons and make it necessary for the students to work on their homework. However, care should be taken and the parents should oversee the fact that their child is not overburdened. In that case, it is imperative to go talk to the teacher assigning that homework.