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What are the Must-Know English Grammar Rules?

by Oct 22, 2015English

Grammar forms the base for any communication that is carried on in English. If someone is not clear with its grammatical problems and errors he/she can never speak in English. Grammatical mistake or an improper formation of a sentence may change the meaning of the message you want to convey to your friends or family. So it is very important for anyone who wants to be very good in English to know proper grammar rules first.

Grammar is not as difficult and confusing as it looks like. It appears to be very interesting once you start knowing proper grammar. Nowadays it is very necessary for everyone to know correct and fluent English in order to succeed in life. English is the main key to any job be it a corporate level job or a job of a teacher, etc. But the base for knowing proper English is to know correct grammar and its rules. Grammatical errors are of many kinds ranging from wrong sentence formation, verb, tense, punctuation mark, spelling, and much other type of grammatical formations.

There are many kinds of punctuation marks that are very important for a sentence formation. These punctuation marks are very small and generally people tend to miss them while writing or forming any sentence. A small punctuation mistake can change the meaning of the sentence totally. So you need to be very careful even with these small things while learning or knowing proper English.

What is the use of grammar in the real life?

Grammar is the most important and useful thing in any work or field. It plays an important role in the life of a student, a leader, an employee, an employee, etc. Everyone needs to know all grammatical rules and techniques in order to excel in their own respected fields. It is also important for parents as children tend to learn most of their things from home and so to make them strong in their grammatical skills parents should also learn grammar properly. It is even more important for teachers as they guide the children in every respect in order to make them successful in life and so for this the first thing is to teach correct English.

Some grammatical rules:

There are some grammatical rules and points that will help everyone to learn English and proper grammatical formation easily. These rules might appear to be very confusing but once you start using it in your day to day life you will be very fluent with it. Grammar is like maths where you need proper practice. In order to learn proper grammar you have to use what you have learnt either by making sentence or telling examples to yourself. Here are some grammatical rules that have to be followed by everyone:

  • First and most important thing that one needs to know is use of active voice in every sentence. It should be pointed out that every sentence is divided into 3 parts: one is the subject second is the verb, and the third is the object we are talking about. So it is very important that your sentence must carry all these three parts.
  • The second one is that you should always try to use conjunctions in order to link your ideas. There are many different kinds of conjunctions like for, and, nor, but, or, yet, etc. One should know where to use these conjunctions exactly and which particular conjunction should be placed in a sentence.
  • There are certain rules that have to be followed regarding the usage of comma in a sentence like single comma should be used in order to joint two views, secondly many number of comma should be used in order to represent a list. If you are using comma to show a list of things then in the end of the list use the comma before and. These are some points which will guide you with the usage of comma.
  • Fourthly there are other punctuation marks and one among them is the semicolons. The semicolon might look weird but it is also important to join two ideas in a single sentence.
  • There are certain rules regarding the use of proper tenses in the sentence like use of present perfect tense when the task is not over, use of past tense when there is a verb, use of present tense when you want to address something that is still happening, and many more. It might also be very confusing but once you start using it you will become perfect at it. Just remember to use correct tense in the correct place.
  • Lastly and the most important thing is that a student or anyone who wants to learn perfect grammar should have a clear idea about all grammar topics like nouns, pronouns, articles, adjective, verbs, adverbs, etc before learning how to speak English. If you don’t have a clear knowledge about these chapters you can never learn proper English.

You should also know how many kinds of nouns, parts of speech, clauses, etc are there and the difference between them. A clear knowledge about subject and predicate is also important. All these are some of the rules and tips that one should keep in mind before deciding to start learning English.

The most important problem among most of the people is that they start speaking the language even before they learn anything about it. This might lead to serious problems later on. It becomes difficult for them to cope up with the correct sentence formation even if they have learned everything about that subject. So start with the basics and then move forward with it. It might also happen sometimes that even if you know grammar properly but while making sentences you tend to make mistakes. So knowing proper grammar is not enough. You should practice it every day either by writing an essay or chatting with your friends and family. This will help you to become perfect at it. This is a short helpful guide to help you with your grammatical problem.