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What are the Coolest and/or Funniest Programming Errors?

by Sep 28, 2015Programming

Programs are written and execute to acquire a perfect result. There are many times you are unable to get the errors. What is the reason behind this? This is only due to some silly errors. You may think that you have completed this program in a proper way. However, error can be seen at run time. So, what are these errors that you are not getting properly?

The coolest errors or the funniest errors are as follows-

1. Sometimes you are not able to get some serious errors and your program is not running properly only because of very small mistakes.

2. Comma, hyphen, colons and other symbols which are important for some execution should be implemented properly.

3. Suppose you want perfect execution for a program and you just forget to write print f(), then you will not able to see the result.

4. Some symbols are very important to indicate some specific data for C and C++. Java also uses. If you did not include a header file and you are executing now the result according to that header file, then you are unable to get it. Suppose, you have forgot to add string.h as a header file, which is a string file, and now you want result according to that and it is not possible. It is due to the missing of that file that is not recognized by the system at run time.

As programming languages are very important for you to execute the result, so be conscious while writing a program. These mistakes are considered as silly or the funniest, but it will not give you any execution according to your requirement. If you are looking for a C programing language or others, then error handling is there to control on errors. The significant thing is a silly mistake can stop resulting. So, it is very important to type each command properly. You will also get knowledge about “What makes C++ so good?”