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What Are the Biggest Changes in Educational Technology You’ve Seen in Your 15 Years in the Field?

by Mar 14, 2017Homework Help

Technology has come up with the most unthinkable changes into this world. I mean who have thought that connecting with a person living to the other side of Earth will be so easyafter using internet facilities? Not just for chatting and such, internet and changes in educational technologyhave also taken spot light from many other discussions in a row. When I was a student, education was not this much advanced as of today! So what made these changes?

The following list I made is going to name some of those technologies we are using in our modern classrooms.

  • Advanced communication between students

Students have already acknowledged a specific type of message communication between them. I must agree that it’s quite hard to decipher those texts. We manage after stumbling at least twice in each line and then voila, so that was it! It is a modern tongue that lets people type faster and sends shorter messages with larger information. For example if I type “Ok, gtg, c u, gn8.” This actually implies, “Okay, got to go, see you, good night.” Wow! What an evolution huh!

  • A large group of audience

We used to have our teachers as our one and only audience who will listen, predict and also judge our answers. Sometimes, our parents also did the same. But now students have the whole world as their audience. I am talking about social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and also blogging etc. This is definitely among greatest changes in educational technology. A large group of audience gets to see what those students are talking about and also place their ideas or opinions in the comment section.

  • No more files or binders

Who can forget about the disastrous past we had with files, and binders? So many notes and all of them are important. I needed at least ten files to keep in order. But today that problem is solved with online file binders. You can access them any time and also from anywhere. Students are using these online versions in their tablets, computers, smartphones etc., and losing tension of keeping hard copies altogether!

  • Textbooks with new facilities

I am not saying that modern technology has completely out-casted textbooks but the facilities are improved. Not just pictures and theories, web links of those text books are delivering a vibrant experience of 3D materials with animations. Students are getting a practical view with attached videos in those websites also. This is generally an interesting way of learning!

  • No escaping from e-books

I don’t know if all teachers will agree with me but I still like the touch of papers at the end of my fingertips. But there is absolutely no escaping from the vast features of e-books. You can actually carry 500 books with you and that too in a small tablet! Now that’s awesome. Students are required to write homework and assignments. There they will need more than one book as suggestions. So, here e-books are coming as a revolutionary outcome of changes in educational technology.

  • Remember our chalk boards?

I seriously have to ask about the chalk boards because in the school I teachthat has become obsolete. There are web tools used to interact with students. New technologies have made the hassle of writing on chalk boards run away through the window.

  • Paper notes are gone

Actually this sure has made its way into changes in educational technology. I mean we don’t have to distribute class notes and Xerox them for students anymore. Students take the liberty of following links and then downloading those necessary notes. Texting is common between students for class notes. I even saw students clicking pictures in their mobile phone and then done with it! If someone is interested then print out version can be downloaded also.

  • Invention of iPads

Students are getting benefits using this tool for learning new things faster every day. There are many lucrative options available with it but the unavoidable fact is how capable it is to handle the requirements of students with special needs. Students with psychological disorders are facing less troubles getting into learning opportunities available to them with this iPads.

  • Voice recognition software

By the name of it you already know how useful this tool is in classrooms of special kids. By this tool it is lot easier to handle students with limited proficiency. This enables their natural responses and helps them gain higher communicative skills.

  • Web research and preparation

Schools are still allotting homework and assignment to students. Sorry, no changes done in that department yet! But the requirements are gone higher that before due to world-wide-web. You get to access huge informative websites with amazing notes. With just one single click you get to download them. The professional approach is more appropriate and easy marks winner.

Students can now research on their topics faster and get to learn from valid sources. As one of the changes in educational technology these websites are helping students not only in their studies but also preparing them for assignments final examinations.

  • Bigger space and versatility

I would rather say, modern classrooms are not bound in a single room but a huge collaboration of students and teachers of the world together. Now location doesn’t stop students from getting their desired coaching classes from their favorite teachers. Through online access, they can even get into those classes even from their house.

  • Change in teaching facilities

Teachers are also changing with “How does classroom technology influencing educators and their roles?“ You will agree on facts that the multiplicity in the learner’s intelligence asks more from us teachers. How do we handle them and in what ways using what method matters most. This modern ways of educational technologies are changing our ways of teaching also. We can deliver more than usual and get to result far better than before.

These changes in educational technologydidn’t come in a flash of light. It took time and became useful to both students and teachers likewise. The fun fact is that it is still developing with time so we can expect much advanced educational technology in coming years. Then no disability will be a disability and we can teach students all they deserve.