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What Are the Basic Things You Need to Know Before Solving a Calculus?

by Sep 11, 2016Mathematics

When it comes to the vast landscape of mathematics, there’s no doubt that Calculus has made a huge mark. Claiming its source from out ancient Greek ancestors, this mathematic science is the driving force behind the precise weather predictions, jet planes, new age medical technologies, economic modeling and many more. That’s the impressive part about the subject. When it comes to the practical side, i.e. solving calculus sums and problems, students sometimes are faced with immense difficulties. They can’t figure out which way to go as a result become weak in this subject, thereby developing an insecurity and lack of confidence. If you are thinking what are some tips and tricks to do higher mathematical calculations in calculus and make your life easier, seek professional help to cast away worries.

The Basic Know-How

Undoubtedly Calculus is one of the potent mathematic tools that can be mastered by mathematical students. Given its intrinsic nature, Calculus helps you to:

  • Assess a mix of situations that concerns change of any form, such as the shifting stock market prices.
  • Evaluate complicated shapes, for instance understanding the famous torus.
  • Estimate the optimal values.

Therefore, given its scope and expanse, it can be inferred that Calculus as a mathematical subject is applicable to various situations almost across all fields. Therefore, knowing the basic principles of the subject is very helpful. But if you are keen on solving Calculus problems seamlessly and be a better student, then there’s something more you need to do, practice and imbibe within. Let’s get started.

Release Your Fears and Apprehensions

Most students fret and get tensed when they are not able to solve Calculus problems. This naturally gives rise to increased tension and nervousness. The reasons behind this are mostly:

  • The peer-pressure to do well in the subject.
  • The desire to excel in the subject and score good marks.
  • Parental expectations that make students want to deliver their best.
  • Limited thinking, that makes students belief that not being able to solve Calculus problems indicate they lack the required intelligence and skill to study mathematics as a whole.
  • Not getting adequate help from personal tutors or fellow students.
  • Unable to understand where the problem is.

Now let’s move towards the solution. Let’s focus on releasing these fears by knowing and being convinced about the fact that:

  • Not every student gets a grip on Calculus at the first go. This means facing problems is something very natural.
  • Getting tensed and afraid will keep you far away from victory i.e. being able to solve Calculus problems seamlessly.
  • If there’s a problem there’s a solution. For instance, you can always opt in for the latest advanced and professional helpand better your knowledge.
  • If you decide to seek study and take proactive steps for improvement, you will get the tools you need to become an ace student of Calculus.

Get Acquainted with Limits and Pre-Calculus

Speaking strictly about the subject, you need to be aware about these two concepts.  As calculus sums, generally needs pre-calculus which is trigonometry and algebra to arrive at a solution. This is the reason why when you are in the initial stages of this mathematics subject; spend adequate time in listening to lectures about pre-calculus. There are many online professors who deliver online lectures and provide content regarding the same and touches upon other concepts in it like continuity and limits. It is only after this should you make a move towards the two core concepts that drive Calculus that is integral and derivative.

This preliminary know-how is crucial as it sets your basic foundation about the subject. That means, if your basic concepts aren’t clear you won’t be able to grasp more complicated or challenging aspects of Calculus. Therefore, whilst studying this get completely committed and jot down all your queries that you have. Ask your guide or teachers to address and explain your queries and proceed once you have grasped it correctly.

Following Some Useful Tips

Today there are several guidelines available for students attempting Calculus problems, both in textbooks as well as on online resources. Here’s an important suggestion to bookmark in your mind. This is especially for the students that are attempting the Advanced Placement Calculus sums. Two best suggestions to keep in mind here include:

The Power of Memorizing:

Students should always by-heart what their guides assigns. It’s true that not everyone can have all the Calculus formulas memorized. Therefore, it better to take a smarter approach and understand completely the idea that governs a certain Calculus technique. For instance, it would do well to students if they understood the disk method of computing and knowing its finer nuances. This will automatically make them by-heart the formulas.

Using Graphing Calculators Smartly:

Today many Calculus teachers emphasize the need of using Graphing Calculators. Whilst this can be of great help, students also need to be a little wise before using them. Sometimes they are not able to assess a situation well and hence fail in giving the desired solution. So a smart and wise use of the same is always beneficial, than making it a mandatory rule.

Get Disciplined, Focus and Stay Healthy

You can implement all the above mentioned suggestions provided you are focused and disciplined. Therefore, make sure that you don’t miss your classes and tuitions on Calculus. Just in case you miss any owing to some problem, make sure that you have the important notes and also the demonstrations. Should you have any question here don’t feel shy to have it answered by your teachers. Keep your focus strong by learning something new about Calculus, practicing regularly and solving the different question papers. If you want you can get them from your seniors. Last but not the least, follow a healthy regime. Eat healthy, sleep well; exercise regularly and give time to your hobby, and you will all set to tackle any mathematical problems effectively.

However, in today’s world of high-end technological development there’s a solution for everything.