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Ways in Which Help is to Be Taken from Online Essay Writing Services

by Jun 21, 2016Homework Help

Online essay writing service is the new phenomenon that has caught the attention of student all around the world. And it is expected to grow steadily in the following years to come. Most of the people still believe that the writing service is basically to cater the need of a below than average student.But you will be surprised to see even the really smart kids from the Ivy League universities approaching these forums for help.
Reasons why these forums flourish

  1. Complexity of the assignments set: Some of the universities like Columbia, Berkley, NYU, and University of Houston etc. are known for their competitive systems. Sometimes the assignments handed out to students are so complex or difficult to understand that they have to resort to these unorthodox methods in order to get good grades and graduate.
  1. Well researched content: Plagiarism is considered a crime and penalties vary from university to university all around the world. Hence students are supposed to write in the paper from scratch. However, lack of time and resources may force students to buy papers from online writing forums. The content in the essays, research papers provided by the forums are unique in their content, well researched and properly referenced, hence the popularity.
  1. Getting the homework done easily: There is no dearth of lazy people on the planet. Getting high quality jobs with least effort is why these students get attracted to such online writing forums. All one has to put in the requirements and deadline and the job is done. Also the prices offered by these forums are very attractive.
  1. No room for failure: Students who are admitted to prestigious universities like Harvard, Cambridge, Oxford etc. often have to live up to the expectation of these institutions.The pressure on them is immense. Plus these students also multiple assignments each of which has to be of extraordinary content. And that becomes quite difficult at times.
  1. International Students: This industry has become a big boon for all the international students who come to study in these universities.
  • For most of them English is their second language. So English doesn’t come easily to them as it does with the native speakers.
  • Universities sometimes do accept students based on their academic achievements sometimes overlooking the fact that their grasp on the English language is poor. This very thing becomes a problem for these students when it comes to writing academic or research papers.
  • Foreign students often have to juggle their studies and part time jobs to keep up with the expenses or even support families (for older students).

How to choose the right Online Service?
With so many online writing forums available on the internet, there is a growing confusion among students as whom to approach. Hence it is of great importance that you choose the right forum that does not put your academic career in jeopardy.

  1. Ask your seniors/friends

Consult your seniors or friends who have availed similar services earlier. They will be your best guides by telling which forum is the most reliable, which is more affordable or which provides a superior quality of research paper. You can learn from their experience if they faced any difficulty.

  1. Online reviews
  • Always check the reviews provided by customers. It can act as a marker in deciding which service is better.
  • You can also contact the unsatisfied customers to enquire the exact reason behind their comments/reviews.
  • Double check the credibility of these sites from blogs/ websites providing comparison between different online writing services.
  • Chat online with the support group of your websites and get all your doubts and queries answered. Proceed only when you feel satisfied.
  1. Pricing And Deadline

Check the prices/ fee charged by the forums together with the minimum to maximum hours of deadline. Most forums offer affordable rates without compromising the quality of the final product. The price rate is determined based on

  • Academic level – high school, Undergrad, Master’s, Doctoral
  • Number of pages
  • Urgency – deadline ranging from few hours to a month.
  • Type of paper needed- Essay, research paper, Creative writing, Book review, coursework etc.

Some even offer discount for frequent customers or on a bulk order.
Proper Communication with the Writing services

  1. Get the requirements

Consult your academic advisor – teacher/ professor/ lecturer on the requirements that they seek from the said paper. Note it down and inform this to the writer (directly through mail or indirectly through the forum communication channel). Some forums may have their writers to collect primary data from you in form of questionnaires, interviews etc. Others may do it all on their own.

  1. Specify the type of paper

Whether it is a general essay or personal or argumentative essay, make sure to specify it at the earliest. You do not want a totally different tone of essay than what you need. This may waste both your time and that of the writer. In some case you may also have to pay a penalty fee. Not to mention your approaching deadline.

  1. Other needs

For those students who already have an idea of how their finished essay must look like must also inform this to the writer. They will definitely look into it and try to deliver the same. Or can come up with even a better way to present it. For those who feel clueless also need not worry. The writers from these forums are often master and doctoral students well versed in the field of writing.

  1. Keep a buffer time.

Approach these forums as soon as you can without any delay. Keep a buffer time; say you have a deadline of 1 month while you give a deadline of 20-25 days to the writer. This will give you sufficient time in case something goes wrong and the writer is unable to deliver it in time.
Though the papers are proofread and edited properly, it will still be advisable that you proofread it again before making a final submission.