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Why student should learn about warehousing?

Warehouse is known as a particular type of building where any companies store their products and goods. These types of buildings are used by wholesalers, importers, customs, transport businesspeople, manufacturers, exporters and many others. These houses are built for industrial purposes and found in industrial places.

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Use of warehousing:

  • They possess loading docks for the purpose of loading and unloading products from trucks.
  • These warehouses are sometimes planned in away so that workers can load and unload the products directly from seaports, railways or airport. Buildings are designed in this way to create facilities for the company.
  • They have forklifts and cranes to move the goods smoothly and easily from one place to another.
  • Storage products can be components, packing materials, raw materials, finished goods etc.

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Functions of warehousing:

  • Price stabilization-

Warehouse helps the process of price stabilization.The price of goods depends on the availability of the products in the market.

  • Storage-

Warehouse is used to store those goods whichare not needed immediately. A company use those storage goods when these are not available in the market.

  • Financing-

People can get loans on the basis of their storage products in the warehouse.

  • Risk bearing-

Warehouses are designed in a way that products cannot be theft or damaged by others.

  • Grading and packing-

Products can be packed inwarehouses.

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