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Here’s Why You Should Create a Vision and a Mission Statement

The first and most important mission of an organization should be to create the vision and mission statement.In order to develop a proper community initiative, it is extremely important to create the vision and the mission statement for a particular company. It is only with the help of these statements that the aspirations of the company are described in a precise manner and helps your company to concentrate on something that is important.

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What is a vision statement?

A vision is a dream wherein a particular organization considers certain conditions ideal for achieving something that is important for them. This vision can be anything from treating all employees as equals irrespective of their caste and gender to a world without a war.

What is a mission statement?

The mission statement is basically describing what a particular organization is going to do and why is it going to do so? These statements can be considered to be very similar to that of the vision statements because both these statements look at the bigger picture.However, the mission statements are much more action oriented and concrete than the vision statements.

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Reasons to create a vision and a mission statement

  1. It helps an organization to focus more on the important areas.Though your organization is very much aware of what you want to do to bring about an improvement in the community,but often it loses its focus when trying to deal with the day to day problems. It is the vision and the mission statements that remind you every day about the areas on which you should regularly focus.

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  1. These statements are very effective in bringing together those members who are bound by a single purpose. These statements not only constantly remind you of the things which are important for your organization but continue working towards achieving these vision and mission statements also help these people to consider the company as their own.

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