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Vibrations and Waves Homework Help – a Boon for All

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What are waves?

Waves are simply caused due to disturbance or vibration in the space. Waves have the inherent capability to transfer energy from one particular location to another.

The two distinct types of waves are:

  1. Transverse
  2. Longitudinal

What is a transverse wave and longitudinal wave?

  • When a wave vibrates perpendicularly to the direction of the travelled wave is called transverse wave
  • A compression wave or a longitudinal wave is that kind of a wave where the vibration follows the same direction where the wave has travelled

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How can you calculate the frequency of waves?

  • Within a span of time you have to notice the frequency of a wave or vibration that has occurred. It will determine the wave frequency
  • Frequency is the unit that denotes the total number of waves that has occurred per unit time
  • Hertz is the unit for frequency
  • Wavelength means the speed of a wave travelled. This speed is then multiplied by its frequency
  • The maximum distance that has been displaced by a wave is the amplitude of a wave

What are the distinctive features of waves?

Waves are particularly characterized by various distinguishing features. One of them is interference. It is formed by combining two or more waves together. In fact, waves can also diffract.

The two types of interference are:

  1. Constructive interference where there is a combination of two or more than two waves as a result their amplitude increases
  2. In case of destructive interference the amplitude decreases after two or more waves get to combine with each other

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