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Sometimes, students misinterpret the terms that create confusion and this confusion results in the wrong calculation of vectors. The lack of information results in confusion and failure of the assignment.

What is Vector?

You can describe the vector as the movement from one position to another position with the respect of magnitude and direction. In the vector quantity, the direction, as well as magnitude, is critical. Students often miss this concept while doing their homework.

Vector Summation homework answersIn the diagram, the point from where the vector starts is known as Tail. Whereas on the other hand the arrow side of the vector is known as the head.

Here, there are some examples in Vector Summation homework answers which will clear the concept of the vector in your mind:

  • Velocity
  • Acceleration
  • Force
  • Increase in temperature
  • Decrease in temperature

The magnitude of Vector is shown by vertical line only on its both sides. It is highlight as |a|.

The formula used for calculating the magnitude of the vector derived from Pythagoras theorem. The formula is –


Example: Calculate the magnitude of vector (4, 5)


|a|=x2+y2−−−−−−√ |a|=4*4+5*5−−−−−−√ ⇒|a|=16+25−−−−−√=41−−√

Therefore, |a|=6.40

What are vector operations and vector summation?

It includes subtraction, addition, multiplication and much more.

The following rules are important for adding vector:

  • Commutative law: a+b= b+a; order of addition does not matter in the case of addition; therefore, any quantity can be taken first.
  • Associative law: (a + b) + c = a + (b + c); addition does not get affected if there is change in the pair of addition.

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