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Vasicek model is the mathematical model that describes the evolution of interest rates. In finance, this model is used in valuation of interest rate derivatives. Students who face problems in correlating all these facts and make mistakes in exams should take the advantage of Vasicek model assignment help.

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Vasicek model:

Vasicek model is considered as one-factor short rate models and describes the interest rate movements. This is because Vasicek model has only one source of market risk and widely adapted for credit markets.

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The introduction of this model by Oldrich Vasicek in 1977 has a disadvantage/ drawback of negative interest rates, but it is widely accepted in the market.


Vasicek model has proved its caliber to acquire quite an attention from all the investors. It was the first short rate model who captures mean reversion. This is one of the greatest characteristics that set it completely different from others.

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Mean reversion:

Mean reversion is termed as theassumption that states any stock price tends to move near its average price over a certain period of time. This involvesin identifying trade range and compute average prices using analytical techniques.

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