Variance Homework Answers

Variance Assignment Answers

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What do you mean by the term Variance?

Variance of a variable is the value of mean after squaring the deviation. Mostly this is a random variable. So, by getting an average value the distance of other set of variables are measured. As it is an essential part in Statistics as well as probability theory, so there are different fields that use it and these are –

  • Monte Carlo sampling
  • Statistical inference
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Goodness of fit
  • Descriptive statistics

Representation of variance is done through σ 2 {\displaystyle \sigma ^{2}}VAR (X), s2 or σ2.  s 2 {\displaystyle s^{2}} Now, when you have homework or variance, then you may have questions related to these parts. In case you are getting difficulties in explaining these terms you can easily take our services of Variance homework answers and submit your assignment on time.

What are the basic properties of a variance?

The basic properties are –

  • A value of variance cannot be a negative value as it shows the square of a number. So, its may be zero or positive integer.
  • For a random variable which is constant, you will have a zero value.
  • By changing a location parameter, the value of a variance is completely unchanged. It means if any constant is added to a variance, then it is invariant.
  • If all scaled constants are there, then its resultant would also be a squared of scaled value.
  • If you have independence random variables, then resultant will always be uncorrelated.

What are the other important properties?

  • Sum of uncorrelated
  • Sum of correlated
  • Product of independent variables
  • Matrix notation in linear combination
  • Weighted sum of variables
  • Calculation of CDF

There are various other properties as well as different examples that is important to describe and all assignments are provided on that basis. In case of any difficulty, you can easily go through Variance assignment answers.            

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