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What do you mean by Variable-Frequency drive?

Variable-frequency drive is basically used to control torque as well as AC motor speed in an electro-mechanical drive system. This is one of the hues of adjustable-drive and also by varying voltage of input motor as well as frequency. The various topologies of VFD are AC-AC and DC-AC and this is used for low and medium voltage.

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What are the various generic topologies?

  • VSI or Voltage-source inverter drive topologies
  • CSI or Current source inverter drive topologies
  • Load commutated inverter or LCI drive topologies
  • Cycloconverter or matrix converter (MC) topologies
  • Doubly fed slip recovery system topologies

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What are the various control platforms?

  • PWM V/Hz scalar control
  • vector control or field-oriented control (FOC) of PWM
  • Direct torque control (DTC).

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What are the factors included system description and operation?

The various factors are as follows-

  • AC Motor
  • Controller
  • Operator interface
  • Drive operation
  • The benefits are-
  • Energy saving
  • Control performance

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