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What does variability mean?

Variability refers to the extent to which data points in a data set or a statistical distribution diverge from the mean or the average value and even how much the data points vary from one another. Variability has 4 measures that are used commonly, and these include:

  1. Standard deviation
  2. Variance
  3. Mean
  4. Range

When it comes to an asset class, its risk perception has a directly proportional relationship to the variability of its returns. Naturally, the risk premium that any investor demands to invest in commodities, stocks or other assets is more than the risk premium for Treasury bills and other assets that have a significantly lesser return variability.

Variability means the difference shown by data points in a data set, as associated with the mean or related to one another. It can be expressed via standard deviation, range or variance of a data set.

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Why students need assistance with variability?

Unlike the range that concentrates only on the data points of the most extreme variety, the variance is about the placement of every data point. It is used as an information source about the overall distribution of data.

Variability is utilized for standardizing the returns on investment. It offers a comparison point for more analysis. The Sharpe ratio is an assessment of the reward-to-variability, which measures the risk premium or excess return per risk unit for any a specific asset.

The Sharpe ratio, in principle, offers a metric for comparison of the compensation amount received by an investor with respect to the total risk that is being presumed by holding said investment. The excess return depends on the return amount over investments, which are regarded as risk-free.

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