How to Understand Concepts Associated with Valuation of Comparable and Some Financial Ratios?

Financial ratios are a great indicator of a company’s financial health. It indicates the strength and weakness of the company and accordingly necessary measures can be put in place to improve efficiency. Professional experts at have published a rigorous analytical report on valuation of comparables and some financial ratios assignment help to help students learn the subject.

Ratio analysis is part of the tool that measures various concepts and attaches numerical values to techniques deployed to further the organizational objective. Such tools, concepts, and technique form a part of fundamental analysis reflected in balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement.

Valuation of comparables and some financial ratios homework help suggests the presence of below ratios:

Ratio analysis

  • A tool developed to perform a robust study of the numbers present on financial statements of a company
  • Ratios enable study of financial data across various industries and sectors of same categories
  • Financial ratios form the basis of comparison among various factors related to one another

Activity ratios

  • Efficient utilization of company asset is the measure of a healthy functioning company
  • Activity ratios as stated by valuation of comparables and some financial ratios homework help provides a fair idea of the operational capability of a firm
  • Activity ratios link line item in income statement with that of the one in balance sheet
  • Income statement reveals company performance over a period of time while balance sheet reveals activity as on a particular date
  • This makes comparison difficult
  • Activity ratios from valuation of comparables and some financial ratios assignment help pave way for an apple-to-apple comparison by calculating an average figure considering a specific time period
  • It measures the rate at which the company is turning over the assets and liabilities

Inventory turnover

  • Dividing the cost of goods sold by average inventory holding gets the inventory turnover data
  • Higher turnover rate indicates less inventory holding and greater inventory management abilities of the firm
  • A high turnover rate of inventory compared to industry standards also signals a faster rate of goods sold and fewer company resources blocked for inventory holding
  • This, however, also signals a firm is incapable to meet the increasing demand and lacks the bandwidth to cater to a vast industry

Receivable turnover

  • Valuation of comparables and some financial ratios homework help indicates the significance of using receivable turnovers
  • Dividing the net revenue by average receivable, we arrive at receivable turnover rate
  • It measures the efficiency of a company in collecting their outstanding from the debtors
  • Higher receivable turnover indicates greater disbursal of liabilities

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