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What is Unemployment Compensation Insurance Program?

This kind of policy is applicable for those who have lost their job or quit their job for no faults of their own.

Unemployment Compensation Insurance:


  • Person who has lost a job.
  • Seeking work after lost job.
  • Whoever has earned at least some amount in specific time.
  • Ability to work physically.
  • Acceptance of work.
  • Out of work for no own fault.

What all information is required to file a claim?

To get this benefit, you must need to file a claim. And this is what you need to file this claim:

  • Provide your name along with Social Security Number.
  • Mailing and residential address.
  • Phone no.
  • Last employer info.
  • Under whom you worked (company’s name, address of office).
  • Duration of previous work.
  • ID card and driver’s licence info.
  • Reason for job lost.
  • Citizenship status.
  • Your last salary.

Methods to Apply for UI Claim

To apply for UI claim, one can opt for any of the followings:

  • eApply4UI:

This is the fastest way to file your claim since you submit all your answers and questions online to the required department.

  • EDD:

You need to contact EDD by phone. Here, one can call the required department where a representative of the department will ask you several questions for noting down.

  • Paper UI application DE 11011:

One can also collect forms or applications online and fill up the forms with the required details and information and submit it to the nearest EDD by mail or fax. Though, they will need the mail address or the fax number for this.

Basic rules det by Govt. For UI program:

Basically, there are two rules which the Govt. set for the UI program:

  • The payment of Unemployment compensation can solely use the money which is withdrawn from the unemployment State fund.
  • Burdens for “methods of administration” cannot be imposed which is what blocks access for other individuals who are eligible.

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