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Understand and Apply Markov Chain with Homework Help

by May 21, 2018Homework Answers

Markov Chain Homework Answers

We have evolved so much in past years. There was a time human beings knew only how to find food; then we learnt how to grow it. Today we can create our food in the labs.  Time and again we have wondered how we have evolved so much over time.
What is the source of our thoughts? How do we evolve? How do we predict what is good for us and what is not? How do we estimate the future? How do we know how the future will be? What does it depend upon? Well, the answer to all these questions lies in a simple concept, the Markov Chain.
Markov Chain has various applications in the real world, but it is very complicated to understand. It is a mathematical concept and the students taking up mathematics must have come across this already.
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Before we dive into the services, let us take a look at what is this concept.
Markov Chain:
Markov Chain is defined as the stochastic process which helps us make predictions for the future of the process based on its present state.
While many models help us predict the future of the process based on its past data, Markov Chain is the only one who helps us predict the process future based only on present state.
Let us now take a look at applications of Markov Chain.
Applications of Markov Chain:
Markov Chain has found many applications in the real world. Starting from exchange rate of currencies to studying cruise control systems, the concept is being used everywhere today.
Let us look at few real world applications of the concept.

  • Weather Conditions prediction
  • Online Name Generators
  • Google Page Rank
  • Word Typing prediction

Above are just a few examples of Markov Chain implementation.
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