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Financial Statements are of course a very important subject to all students involved with the studies of accounts, finance and business. So, it is quite expected that all other subject or topic involved with this very subject will be equally important, thus should not be taken lightly. The types of financial statements analysis are, as you can tell, are an important topic. And by becoming a pro in this topic, a student will be able to handle any matters related to process of financial statements analysis for its real work application. To make sure that a student get all the necessary help on assignment or homework on this topic we at myhomeworkhelp.com has come up with a Type of Financial Statements Analysis Assignment Help team. But before we talk about how this team can help you, let’s talk about this subject for a bit.

About types of Financial Statements Analysis
Financial Statements Analysis is a type of process of evaluation and reviewing of all the financial statements of a firm. By all financial statement, we mean balance sheet, income statements, cash flow statements, profit and loss statements and other similar and related statements. The types of this financial statements analysis are as follows:

  • Ratio Analysis – It is used for analyzing and computing financial statements of each financial year and its relationship between the business trends findings of another financial year.
  • Vertical Analysis – It is used for finding the percentage calculation of one particular financial statement. As it is shown on a financial statement vertically thus the name.
  • Horizontal Analysis – It is used for understand about the percentages as well as dollar figure of year to year financial statement. This is also known as trend analysis.

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Some help we provide the students
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