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What is turbulence?

In fluid dynamics, turbulent flow, or simply turbulence, is a flow regime that can be characterized through chaotic changes in flow velocity and pressure. It is the opposite of the regime of laminar flow, wherein the flow of fluid occurs in parallel layers and disruption doesn’t occur between the concerned layers.

A lot of day to day phenomena exhibits turbulence, including surfing, rivers that are fast flowing, chimney smoke, storm clouds, etc. Most of the flows of fluid that occur naturally and are created for applications in engineering are turbulent in nature. Understanding turbulence is more than knowing what it means. You may require some help in that regard and we are here to offer you exactly that.

What causes turbulence?

Knowing what causes turbulence can help you a lot with your turbulence assignment answers. In a fluid flow, kinetic energy in excess can cause turbulence. Damping effect that the viscosity of fluid has is overcome by this kinetic energy. This is why turbulence can be created easily in fluids with low viscosity, as compared to fluids with high viscosity.

Generally, in a turbulent fluid flow, there is an appearance of different sizes of unsteady vortices. The interaction between these vortices results in an increase in drag because of friction effects. This in turn increases the energy required for pumping a fluid through pipe. Although, devices like aircraft’s aerodynamic spoilers can exploit this effect, thus intentionally spoiling the laminar flow for reducing lift and increasing drag.

Predicting turbulence

In your turbulence assignment answers, you might come across a term called Reynolds number. It is basically a dimensionless constant that is used for predicting turbulence onset. This number calculates balance between viscous damping and kinetic energy in flow of fluid. Having said that, turbulence interaction is known for creating complex situations, which is why a physical analysis of turbulence in details is difficult. It has been described as the classical physics’ unsolved problem that is most important.

Turbulence examples

  • Rising of cigarette’s smoke is turbulent mostly.
  • Flow over golf balls
  • Terrestrial atmospheric circulations
  • External flow over vehicles like cars, ships, submarines and airplanes.

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