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What is a Treasury Stock?

Treasury stock or shares are a portion of shares which firm stores in its treasury. It may come from a buyback or a repurchase from various shareholders. It can also be that it was not issued to public. These shares or stock doesn’t pay any dividends as well as no right to vote. It is excluded from outstanding calculations of shares.

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Treasury Shares are Not Retired Shares

Pupils often make the mistake of thinking treasury and retired shares are the same things. It is not the same. It has a huge difference. If shares are repurchased, then those don’t necessarily have to be retired shares. Retired shares mean those who are not in circulation anymore and can’t be issued again. On the other hand, treasury shares can be issued only through employee compensation, for raising capital, stock dividend, etc.

Importance of Treasury Stock

Many companies keep treasury stocks due to various important reasons. These shares are created when a company’s shares are issued. To have these stocks, these are not issued to public and are kept in a firm’s treasury to ward off problems like cash shortage. This can raise capital when needed. Another vital reason is to have controlling interest to prevent from hostile takeovers.

Such stocks also have a positive effect on the balance sheet. Know more about the importance of such shares in detail from our Treasury Stock assignment answers.

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