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Treasury Shares are those shares which the company keeps within its own treasury. In most cases, treasury share comes either from buyback or repurchase of shares from shareholders.

There are also a number of cases when these types of shares are not issued to the general public at all. These treasury shares neither have any voting rights nor do they pay any dividends. These shares are normally not included in the normal calculations of the outstanding shares.

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How can a company create treasury shares?

Treasury shares are mostly created when a particular company first issues its shares. In the case of these types of shares, all shares are not given to the public. There are some shares that are kept within company treasury. These shares are normally used by the company if it needs any extra cash. These shares are also kept in order to deal with certain hostile takeovers.

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How can these kinds of shares be advantageous to its shareholders?

  1. The number of outstanding shares is reduced.
  2. This helps in increasing the equity interest of the shareholders who are there.

The effect the treasury share has on the balance sheet

If a particular company issues its stocks in order to raise cash, then there is a positive balance on the equity side of the balance sheet of that particular company.In the common stock account par value of shares get reflected whereas in APIC account you have details of extra value that you have that is beyond par value.

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