Transportation Problem Homework Answers

Transportation Problem Assignment Answers

Available of the Best Transportation Problem Homework Answers 

Transportation problem homework is provided to boost up the knowledge of each student. This is the part of study that needs to understand a proper way to lower the total cost of transference or transport. Answers are very important for solving assignments and in case you are unable to solve problems, then you must select the online help service to have perfect answers help on time. So, we are here with our effective service of Transportation Problem homework answers with our highly qualified mentors.

Let us understand the topic well to solve different questions.

Describe the term transportation problem

Transportation problem is an exact way to find out an optimistic solution of lowering the total cost of transportation through a unique type of LPP or linear programming problem. The objectives are helpful to lower or minimize distributing cost from different origins to their destination.

It means there are two main factors demand and supply. Moreover, the cost for transportation has the prime role. So, it is important to know about the cost for transportation in total and then you need to know about the number of items need to ship from source to the destination.

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What are the different applications of transportation problem?

The different applications are –

  • Minimizing shipping cost
  • Determination of the location of low cost
  • Finding of an exact location for lower cost production
  • System of military distribution

In addition to this you also need to understand about origin and source. Origin means the group of sources from where shipment is dispatched and source means where you need to shipped.

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What are the different types of transportations?

There are mainly two types of transportations –

  • Balanced –

When number of supply and demand is equal, then it is balanced transportation.

  • Unbalanced –

At the moment when supply and demand are not equal, then it is known as unbalanced transportation.

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