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Translocation is the name given to a process involving the transfer of a segment of a chromosome to a new position. This is quite frequently observed in case of a non-homologous chromosome. Due to the difficulty encountered very frequently by a good number of students when tested on the concept of translocation, we, at My Homework help have organised for a method to help them understand the core idea that is portrayed in the subject. All it takes the student is to submit her homework with us and avail the Translocation Assignment Help that we provide her with.

What is translocation?
To help you brush up your basic knowledge in translocation, well, the subject speaks about an abnormality in a chromosome that has been caused by rearrangement of parts between non homologous chromosomes. As the translocation ends up with the amalgamation of two separate genes, the process of gene fusion takes on its toll. This is usually observed in case of cancer.

Translocation is said to be balanced when the exchange of chromosome material is uniform with adequate genetic information. It is said to be unbalanced when the exchange of the chromosome material is uneven in which case genetic information is either in excess amounts or is missing.

How do we help?
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