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What is a transistor?

A transistor is a device that controls current voltage flow and acts as a switch or gate for electrical signals. A transistor is comprised of three layers of a semiconductor; each is highly capable of passing through a huge volume of current.

The transistor has been first invented by three scientists in the year 1947, and soon it replaced the use of vacuum tube as an electronic regulator. The transistor is a basic element and has been integrated into circuits which areconsisting of a very large number of transistors interconnected with a circuit and backed by a single silicon microchip.

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What does a transistor do?

Transistor, a small electronic component is capable of doing two different types of jobs. It can either work as a switch or as aspeaker.

  • When it is used as a speaker, it takes a minute electric current at one end and produces bigger current at the other. In one word, it can be described as a current booster. This device proves useful in devices such ashearing aid, microphones,

  • A transistor can also be used as a switch. A small amount of electric current flowing from one end of this device can produce huge amount of current at the other end. This is how a computer chip works. A memory card containing thousands or even million transistors can easily be switched on or off independently. Since each transistor has been located in two distinct states, it is easy to store two different numbers such as zero and one.

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