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Transform Your Class to Chemistry Lab and Help Students to Learn Faster

by Sep 13, 2016Chemistry

Student, especially high school students need to have some responsibility for their academic education, as these are the basic steps of their future. In this stage, students you need to learn different subjects such as arts, literature, accounts, finance and science. Science subject specially physics, chemistry, biology and computer required practical classes along with theory classes. Theory classes are conducted in the class rooms and practical classes in lab.Whatever you learn in your theory classes a hands-on training will be provide for the same in the lab.
You are aware that practicalclasses and laboratoryare the most important and essential part for the student who are studding science. Science has an application side. The application of science in this era has been really astounding. In the lab, student you can learn this application part of the science perfectly and can groom your knowledge about the subject for your feature. So you can understand that for the science student theory classes are not enough for a proper learning. Especially for the subject like chemistry, lab classes play a vital role.

Bit about chemistry

Students you must know that chemistry is a vast subject which is divided into different parts for an easy access. The most important and fundamentaldivisions of chemistry are,

  • Physical chemistry
  • Analytical chemistry
  • Organic and inorganic chemistry
  • Biochemistry

This subject mainly deals with several analysis, actions and reactions of different chemical substances viz.

  • Salts
  • Acids
  • Base
  • Minerals
  • Solution
  • Indicators

Chemistry is based on investigation involving laboratory testing and collecting information from other sources. You all must now that hypothesis become theories and theories attain rank of laws after withstanding rigorous experimental tests.
Hence,experiment in laboratoryis essential for chemistry because feasibility of chemical process is confirmed in the laboratory. Moreover a qualitative and quantitative analysis gives you a complete chemical picture of the substancethat helps to explore your knowledge in the subject.
So educational institutes must be concern more about the lab activities for the students of chemistry and you must concentrate more in that. If you find that your institute is unable to provide you the sufficient support in this regard you may get it from outside also, lots of online educational service provider are there.

Chemistry laboratory
A chemistry laboratory is a workshop for chemist, where students learn the techniques of the preparation, identification, and estimation of chemical substances. Everything that you have learned in your chemistry theory classes, experienced practically for the same through some investigation and test in your lab. It is really very interesting to experience the hands-on whatever you have learned in your classes.It helps you to understand the subject to relate the study metrical that are taught in your theory classes.
So, all the chemistry students must have sufficient knowledge about the laboratory.Here a true picture of a lab has been given so that student must become familiar with that.

Before starting experiment you must know that from where you get the required apparatus, chemicals and the other helping accessories for doing the experiment.

  • Students working table – The small wooden table for performing laboratorial activities.
  • Regent shelves – Reagent and chemicals such as concentrated acids like H2So4, HNO3 and base like NAOH,NH4OH are placed there.
  • Sink and water taps – Are fitted in between two regent shelves for water supply.
  • Fuel taps – For supplying fuel to the burner.
  • Balancing room – Number of balancesare kept here for weighting the chemical substances.
  • Fume cup-board – Kept in one corner, the experiment that giving out poisonous gas are performed there.
  • Exhaust fan – To remove the poisonous gases and vapours from the lab.

Common apparatus

Apparatus which are commonly used in chemistry lab are:

  • Beakers – Used for taking various liquid
  • Test tubes – Used for salt analysis.
  • Conical flask – Used in volumetric analysis for carrying out titrations.
  • Measuring flask – Used in quantitative analysis for preparing a solution.
  • Funnel – Used for filtration or for pouring solution.
  • Glass rod – Used for stirring purposes.
  • Other apparatus – Wire gauze, tripod stand, test tube holder, spatula etc.

Importance of lab activity
You all are aware that chemistry has a vast expanse consists of several divisions, measurement, experiment like

  • Volumetric analysis,
  • qualitative analysis
  • Chemical equilibrium
  • Quantitative estimation

The subject deals with the preparation of standard acidic or basic solutions. Determination the strength of a solution. Determination of anion and cation in different salts. Detection of substance, like nitrogen, sulphur, chlorine etc. in organic compound. Except these many other studies are there which are not possible to learn only in theory classes.
The lessons are perfectly completed when you experienced the same by your own through experiments and lesson appeared to be more real to you. These help you to develop a technical and observational and memorizing skill for a better understanding.
The proper learning of this subject and a perfect lab experience can led you to a better future.  These hands-on experiences from the lab help you to make a bright carrier as you know that like other subject of science chemistry also helps in the daily life.
Here are some examples of projects on chemistry that are attached in human’sdaily life.

  • Purification of drinking water.
  • Testing of hardness of water.
  • Investigation of foaming capacity of different washing soap.
  • Study for acidity of different sample of tea leaves.
  • Determination of rate of evaporation of different liquids.
  • Study of effect of acids and base on the tensile strength of fibers.
  • Study of acidity of fruits and vegetables juice.

So,students now you can understand the importance of this subject and how these lab activities help you to learn this subject properly.All the experience in the lab is mostly used in your daily life. Help you to make a bright career. So try to involve more in your chemistry laboratory. If you want to learn more, several professional online websites are available for help.
If you are facing difficulties regarding completion of chemistry homework which diverts your mind from those amazing laboratory experiments you can go through 5 best tips mange your chemistry homework easily.
Just a matter of a click of a mouseand you are open to the vast world of chemistry lab. Hence, transform your theory classes to your lab for the best and fastest learning.