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Basic Concept

The human genome is made up of DNA, which can be subdivided into information bytes known as genes. A unique protein is encoded by each gene and they perform a specialized function in cell. Human genome contains approximately 21,000 genes. For reading each gene and producing string of amino acids that makes up protein, cell uses a two-step process known as transcription and translation.

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  • Transcription:

By definition, transcription is a process which involves making RNA copy of gene sequence. This RNA copy is called messenger RNA molecule and it leaves cell nucleus to enter cytoplasm. There, it directs synthesis of protein which it encodes.

  • Translation:

During protein synthesis, the process of translation of the sequence messenger RNA molecule to sequence of amino acids is known as translation. The relationship between base pair sequence in gene and corresponding sequence of amino acid that it encodes is described by the genetic code.

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Phases and Comparison of Transcription and Translation

There are mainly three phases for both transcription and translation:

  • Initiation
  • Elongation
  • Termination

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