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What is transactional analysis?

Transactional analysis is known to be a theory of personality and interpersonal communication. Being a very useful tool it helps in understanding the people and enable in improving interaction skills. When there is an interaction between two people, it gives rise to social transaction and transactional analysis (TA) is a study of social transactions.

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Forms of transactional analysis

Parent: There are two different forms of parent that we can play:

  • Nurturing parent: Such parents are highly concerned and caring.
  • Controlling parent: Such parents try to make Child do as the parents want them to do.

Adult: They are the ‘grown up’ person who talks reasonably.

Child: You will find three different types of child

  • Natural child.
  • Adaptive child.
  • Little professor child.

Purpose of the transactional analysis

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The main objective of transactional analysis is to enable individual in therapy to maintain and gain autonomy by strengthening the Adult state. The individual will be able to create a contract that can outline desired outcome that they need to achieve in therapy. The perfect atmosphere for such analysis should be comfortable, high amount of security and show proper respect.

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