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What is total labor efficiency variance?

As it is already mentioned that labors are the most integral part of any organization, so it is obvious that the management of the labors is equally important.Total labor efficiency variance is actually the difference between actual time acquiredto produce certain units and the time allowed by standards to produce that number of units and then multiplied by standard labor rate.

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Reasons for total labor efficiency variance

  • Work Station configuration
  • Mix of employees
  • Instructions
  • Training

Calculatingtotal labor efficiency variance

It is often heard that calculation part is but difficult for most of the learners, and this is why they can seek total labor efficiency variance assignment help from the experts of The formula for calculating this variance is –

Total Labor Efficiency Variance = (AH x SR) – (SH x SR), where AH stands for Actual hours worked, SH stands for standard hours allowed and SR stands for Standard rate.


Total Labor Efficiency Variance is actuallyused to compute the performance of the production department in utilizing the abilities of the workers. Positive value is attained when the standard labor hours allowed maximizing actual labor hours used. Thus it is obvious that positive value is always favorable.

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