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What is total fixed cost?

The concept of total fixed cost is associated with the total monetary amount that is associated with the production of that company. Irrespective of the resources used or the profits gain, this cost changes in no way and the company has to pay up this amount on a regular basis.

To ideally get its value – fixed costs is the residue of difference between total cost of the company and its total variable cost.

What are the generic problems that students face in this subject?

The major issues that students face in this topic include –

  • Differentiation of fixed cost, variable cost and marginal costs associated with a production unit.
  • The graphical representations of these concepts and how average cost is associated with the fixed cost.
  • How to solve the mathematical problems associated with this subject and place it on a graph.

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Where do students look up for receiving help?

With the concepts of fixed cost, variable aspects and marginal rates, not being comprehended by students in an easy way – they tend to search out library and other online sources. In such a scenario, they getting directed in the wrong way is quite natural.

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