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Top Interesting Facts Revealed About Oxygen!

by Nov 3, 2015Chemistry

We are living and breathing and it is because of oxygen only and who doesn’t know it, right? It is the most free-flowing element in a human body and it is the oxygen cycle which has a significant and contributing role as a life-force, making life on Earth possible for the living beings.

Chemistry is not only about mugging up or memorizing formulas. If you plan things, follow a better approach to soak in the essence of a subject with all your heart, you are bound to find it interesting. Professional help and guidance is definitely a bonus for all students. When you are studying chemistry and this subject did not inspire you much, then here we are going to unveil some interesting facts that will surely glue you to take up this subject in a more enthusiastic way! Are you clear on your concepts on Acids and Bases or want to know how to make your study of chemistry improved and useful?It is about how you add that fun element and enjoy studying chemistry!

Oxygen- Tracing its history

In the ten years span between 1770 and 1780, pharmacist Carl Wilhelm Scheele of Sweden and the clergyman named Joseph Priestley along with an ace chemist Lavoisier who was French carried out a long and extensive research. It led to the discovery of oxygen. The name of this oxygen gas was first used by Lavoisier in the year 1777.

Oxygen Gas- The look!

You will be amazed as to what you read next! If you are going to try and check out its color, it is devoid of any hue, you can’t find any odor and to top it all, it is tasteless too! So if you have been thinking that this life-force gas will flaunt a great color, will smell nice and be of some taste, then you were thinking wrong! However, when you check out oxygen in solid or liquid form, your eyes will meet the mild blue color!

Did you know the practical uses of oxygen?

1. It is used in the process melting hardcore metals from ore.
2. A variety of water treatments is carried out with this famous oxygen gas.
3. Oxygen tanks and cylinders offer active assistance to scuba divers and for the long-driven, goal-oriented different 4. missions of astronauts.
Whenever engaged in the process of making compounds like plastics and also used in the purpose of welding.

Some amazing facts you must know about oxygen

1. If you thought that it oxygen has a higher dissolving power in warm water, think twice as it mingles with cool water in an amazing way!

2. Water can be given the form of hydrogen and this highly available oxygen gas via electrolysis.

3. You will be amazed to know the role of plants in making our planet a better place to breathe in! We know that air is oxygen but did we ever know that the oxygen content in air is manufactured by the streamlined process called photosynthesis. Less of plants, means less of oxygen in air, raising the worry lines of everyone.

4. If you consider the solar system, it is earth which is said to have the maximum percentage of oxygen.

5. Who wouldn’t love to know about the human body? Well, the oxygen atoms form an integral part of our body constitutes the protein measure along with DNA!

6. An interesting fact about the human body is that 2/3 of the weight is offered by oxygen only, which is a ‘wow’ fact itself! Since living things constitute mostly of water, hence this fact should grip your mind, instantaneously!

Oxygen is incombustible: Seriously!

Yes you heard it right! This oxygen gas is incombustible, but it acts as the catalyst in supporting the burning process of varied substances. While a need of a spark is quintessential to ignite any substance, one must be very careful of storing concentrated oxygen. If kept near fuels, it is susceptible to massive levels of danger.

Oxygen- Where it is made?

Are you too curious to know the source of oxygen? You will be stunned to know that oxygen is manufactured in stars. Its mass content is five or can be greater than that! When the dazzling stars emit carbon and substance like helium, in many cases it is only carbon; it is the mix of reactions, which leads to its production.

What is this myth about hyperventilation?

As we know that doctors say that the body needs fresh air and therefore bunch of people go for morning walk, practice yoga and meditation to be hale and hearty! However, it is often said that too much of anything is not good and there is a myth persisting that when one breathes in excess oxygen, certain discomfort can crop up like headache, nausea, pain in the chest area, dizziness and more.

This has been researched and it has been concluded that when a person taken in too much of oxygen, it makes the human body to drive out carbon dioxide, thereby creating the imbalance. Carbon dioxide is very much need by our body to ensure that our blood level does not get a higher percentage of alkaline. Slowing the process of blood flow which has an effect on our brains, too!

An iota of oxygen signifies life

Researchers have been carried out and it has been said that if any other planet we come across higher level of oxygen, it is a significant fact that living beings are present on that planet. Since oxygen is abundant in the universe, it might be that its importance is not realized in the true sense, but it is the primary source of life.

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