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Top Career Options for a Commerce Student

by Oct 14, 2016Assignments

Commerce has become a popular subject for students all over the world because of the rapidly increasing job opportunities in the field. Unlike subjects like Literature and Science, Commerce is a career oriented subject that can make students employable directly after graduation. You don’t need a fancy college degree nor do you need to spend years conducting research before you are taken seriously in this field.
Not only have opportunities in Commerce grown and diversified, but the earning potential has also increased manifold well past the expectations of the industry. Further, it has been glamorized a great deal by recent representations in the media where it is portrayed as the road to the high life.
With so many students studying commerce and looking forward to careers in this field, we have compiled a list of top career options for you to consider pursuing after completing your education:

  1. Finance:
  • Careers in Finance have become more glamorous, popular and competitive over the last decade, with more money to be made and more money being invested.
  • Money Management is now of paramount importance, and more and more people are hired everyday to optimize capital and find ways to invest mutual funds and venture capital judicially in a manner that it only appreciates in value despite fluctuating market conditions.
  • The positions of Chartered Accountant, Financial Analyst, Risk Manager and Corporate Treasurer are open to qualified students in this field.
  • These are high paying jobs for qualified professionals, so ensure that you complete your education in order to land the best jobs.
  1. Banking:
  • Banking is an important branch of finance that provides multiple job opportunities to commerce students all over the world.
  • These financial institutions give individuals and businesses a place to save their wealth and in turn create credit for those who need it. The economic stability of a country is often built on its federal reserves.
  • There are numerous job openings in banking for accountants and economists. However,a commerce background is not an essential in this sector. A background like that will help you start higher up the corporate ladder, but you may also start at the bottom with an entirely different background and work your way to the top.
  1. Accounting:
  • This is a very lucrative field. If you have trained to be an accountant you hardly ever have to worry about jobs as all businesses need accountants.
  • Not just businesses, even individuals with the means to do so, hire accountants to audit their investments and their taxes.
  • Accountants have a wide variety of options within their field of financial accounting, auditing, budgeting, bookkeeping or tax accounting to consider.
  • Accountancy is a lucrative field, in and outside of banking. Students pursuing this subject should endeavour to have both a basic degree in finance and an advanced degree in chartered accountancy or certified accountancy.
  • However, if Commerce is not your subject of interest and you wish to pursue a pure science like Biology, here are some Important points to consider if you wish to study Biology at High School.
  1. Insurance:
  • Insurance is another great course for students to consider if they are pursuing commerce.
  • This is a diverse field that protects individuals and businesses from financial risk with the help of an insurance cover that mitigates some financial loss in case of market crashes, poor returns on investment and catastrophes like death or accidents.
  • Insurance can be applied to every aspect of our lives from credit, property, automobiles, health and even life. Everything can be insured. For instance, athletes often insure parts of their bodies to protect their assets.
  • Insurance companies are often looking for employees to sell and market their policies as investments and safeguards. Further, they also hire claim adjusters and investigators to help limit their liabilities and protect themselves in the face of spurious insurance claims.
  1. Trade and Investments:
  • Students of commerce and economics are also highly sought after in fields like trade and investments. Whether it is aforeign trade or stocks and bonds, professionals in this field are always in demand as invest bankers for hedge funds and other money management companies.
  • Professionals can apply to Investment firms or directly to large corporates which often maintain their ownmoney managers to help them in budgeting and invest their profits judiciously.
  • There are a variety of jobs available in this department like that of a stock broker, a portfolio manager or an investment analyst.
  • You may choose to be an entrepreneur and invest your own money and dabble in shares or join a firm and manage other people’s investments as well. The opportunities are endless.
  1. Academics and Teaching:
  • If you have a love for Commerce but are not interested in the high-pressure demands of a corporate job, then this is the career for you.
  • If you wish to pursue this field into higher studies and research to become a statistician or an economist, then commerce is a great career path for you. All you need are the skills and the acumen to obtain funding for your research.
  • However, if you do not wish to pursue research and academics, you could consider teaching students.
  • Teaching Commerce is an extremely rewarding experience if this is your area of But you do not wish to deal with the pressure of a competitive corporate environment or an academic environment.
  • Just enjoy the subject and share your understanding with the students to inspire them towards careers in the field of commerce.

So what are you waiting for? Keep these options in mind and study Commerce if you wish to pursue any of these as a career in the near future.