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Top 8 Real Life Examples to Know More about Biology

By Sarah J Mitchell
14 Sep, 2016
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Biology deals with the study of living organisms and the functions comprising to it. This subject has told the evolution of life from a small organism to today’s living organisms. Biology can be said to be comprised of concepts of Physics and Chemistry. In fact, there is no biological laws/ equation of motion, but similar to these two subjects Biology comprises of cells and tissues.It is a vast field of study and someone who is interested to know more about Biology should be aware of these facts below.
Check 10 real-life examples to know more about Biology:

  1. Planting a Tree:

You might have heard that a small seed is necessary to grow a plant. Have you ever grown? Students can buy some seeds from the market and place it below the surface of theland. You have to dig some sand out, place the seed and put the sand back to that area.
Now, pour water so that it will get wet. You need to water that seed regularly so that it will develop and grow into a plant. After a few days, you can see a small plant is coming out that can become a tree if it gets proper water and sunlight.This suggests that like human beings, plant also needs food to grow.

  1. Blood Clotting:

If an injured person applies an ointment over the wound, then it will be healed with a medicated process. In fact, these ointments will help blood toclot along with the healing of that area. Moreover, blood clot takes less time than a complete heal which will leave a scar over that area.
In this regard, take an example of water pipeline. You have seen that if there is a leakage, then water will come out. You have to apply some external procedures to stop this leakage.

  1. Blooming of Flowers:

You may have different flowering plants in your area. Have you ever noticed how does it bloom? This is a biological process in which a plant when becomes mature one can see flowers. The same can be seen in fruit trees. Here, a flower will become afruit with a natural process.
In fact, all the processes that are related to living organisms describe biological concepts.

  1. Nervous system:

The human nervous system acts like a path that transmits asignal to the brain. Whatever we see and hear is totally based on how these signals are transmitted and received.This will help in giving an appropriate response.
If you take an example of an electric wire, then you can find asimilar function in the flow of electricity. If there is a weak voltage, then the illumination level of a bulb will be less.

  1. Heart Pumping:

Human heart pumps blood. The heart is one of the important parts of a human body. If you keep your right palm on the left-side of the chest, you can feel the heartbeat.
A similar function can be seen using a mechanical pump. With the proper level of current flow, this pump can pump out water. In spite of that, the working of the motor can be heard from a distance.

  1. Spoiling of Food Items:

Suppose vegetables are kept for a long time outside the refrigerator. After a few days (as per the climate condition), you can see it will change its color. If someone cooks these items, it will smell bad. Moreover, you cannot even eat with proper chaos. This is because it has begun to decay. The changes in color along with a bad smell indicate the same.
Similarly, if anironbar or other metals remain outside for many days or weeks, you can see a change in its color. This is because it has started to rust. The outside metal is oxidized to form metal oxides. This process is irreversible, and it cannot be used as a metal anymore.

  1. Diseases and its Cure:

You might have read about different diseases and the process of its cure. The patient has to take a lot of precautions to fight against germs and bacteria or even viruses. A small common cold makes a person uncomfortable.
Different medicines are used to cure these diseases. There are vaccinations for some types of diseases. The curing will depend on how much the patient is affected. Whether it is a human, plant or any other living organism, anyone can be cured with proper treatment and precautions.

  1. Osmosis:

Have you ever tried to keep your fingers or feet in water for a long time? If someone does so, then you can see it will become prune. This is because the body parts have soaked water. This is a biological phenomenon which is termed as osmosis. This means the water through the poreshas entered into the body. The osmosis will continue until the equilibrium is achieved. In case of plants, the same process is responsible for reaching of water to its peak point.This is a biological phenomenon that helps plants/ trees in the process of photosynthesis.
Students should not get confused while studying. It is often better to ask the teachers whenever you have any doubt. It will be a challenging factor for students whose objective is to become a scientist. You have to work hard and perform at the topmost level to acquire good knowledge. If you still need better real-life examples, then you can opt for other sources like online academics.
Things to remember:
Some students also hire private tutors. This will be a good step in getting better marks. Your parents, seniors and even friends can help you in acquiring better knowledge. If you can ask them, then they will provide more real-life examples.
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“A cell is regarded as the true biological atom”. – George Henry Lewes

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