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Top 6 Challenges Faced by the Students While Doing Mathematics Assignments?

by Oct 2, 2016Mathematics

‘’Dear Maths Assignment, I hate to have you back, but you have made yourself a permanent member of my life!’’
I have never really loved maths since the time it was compulsorily made a part of my academic curriculum. Somehow every time projects and assignments related to this subject was handed over to me; I simply used to become a person from the other world whose immense hatred towards this subject was made evident.
However, such notions and behaviour were literally of no use when I realised that I had to deal with this subject for another century of my life! It is then that I decided to face the monster and take it by its horns. Today standing at a position where I can vouch for the fact that mathematics doesn’t bore me any longer, I would love to share my strategy of facing this problem and winning over it.
Discussing the need for dealing with such challenges:
As an ardent hater of mathematics as a subject, the daily maths assignment was seriously taking a toll on both my personal life, as well as creating a downhill for my academic life. Since there was no way by which I could actually delete this subject from my life on a regular basis, I decided on playing along with it and learn some ways in which I could might as well tame it to a certain extent.
Hence, first I noted the challenges that were associated with the maths assignment that I was facing. Quite shockingly, when I discussed this with a couple of my friends, I found that they too faced the same set of problems, though their nature was not equivalent to mine in regards to mathematics.
So in case you too are facing similar problems, here are a set of six challenges that I faced while doing my maths assignments, and ways by which I crossed them.
Challenges faced by students while doing maths assignment:
The multiple challenges faced by students in completing their assignment on time include:
Challenge 1: Management of time
This is definitely the biggest problem that is faced by most of the students in completing their assignments on time. On a personal note, I can very well say that this was the biggest problem that I faced and courtesy to this I had missed out once on submitting my assignment on time.
With such an issue at hand, immediate solutions were required.

  • I made sure that I started working on my assignment with ample time at hand.
  • I made it a point to consult with my friends regarding their mode of doing the assignment and accordingly made my plans of completing the assignment.

Thus, on the whole, I made considerable arrangements well in advance to ensure that this problem, if it recurs, should not create any more hurdles. A previous preparation helped me considerably in managing my time in an efficient manner, and it could help you as well to deal with this challenge. Why don’t you make a proper schedulebegin with?
Challenge 2: Taking care of silly mistakes
This was another challenge that I had to face resulting in my poor performance in assignments. However, not just me, but a number of my friends as well made the same mistake and we were reprimanded by our maths teacher.
Clearly, this issue can surely be called a genuine problem that most of the students face in regards to completing their maths assignment. Every problem has a solution though, and it is high time to find one!

  • Once the assignment is done, a complete checking of the concepts and details that have been filled in are required.
  • Also, while assignment is getting done, in that process, every calculation has to be checked. I made it a point to cross-check every long calculation twice prior to submitting the assignment.

Hence, while dealing with a mathematics assignment, you too should take care of these issues prior to submission.
Challenge 3: Finding proper resources
Since the topic is mathematics assignment, any level of research or variety of resources cannot fill in the demands that are made by such assignments. Every time a new resource pops up, there are a number of other factors to negate those resources. Also, with maths being a universally interpreted subject, each of these resources can hold up to their own.
In this case, there were certain specific techniques that I followed to get hold of the resources that were actually useful to me. I am sure that by following these steps you too can get ideal solutions.

  • There are a number of professional websites available, and it is important that you choose that correctly which suits all your needs.
  • Once you have actually noted down the correct resources, you need to mark out those portions that are actually

This is the procedure by which I defeated this challenge and made sure that my assignment was not only completed on time and free from any such mistake but also correctly resourced from all sites.
Challenge 4: Finding the correct way to solve the problems
Mathematics as a subject provides a number of ways to solve a singular problem. However, since I was not the one to understand and start solving every problem within a jiffy, hence, it was quite difficult on my part to actually understand which method to follow while completing the assignment.
Once like me you have found the solution, you can definitelyovercome this challenge in the path of completion of mathematics assignment. You can also check out easy steps to overcome the challenges in mathematics assignment? To know how to deal with such problems and find out the correct path of dealing with this challenge.
Challenge 5: Practice and solving difficult problems
As they say, ‘practise makes a man perfect,’ quite similarly, it was immense practise for long hours that made me better in dealing with my maths assignment. Maths assignment always deals with those problems which are comparatively difficult to solve.
As a student who detested maths to the core solving such difficult sums was quite a deal for me! However, I had decided to take up the challenge that was faced by more than half of the students around the globe, hence to deal with this, practising more and more sums was the only way out!
This solving of difficult problems will also give you a sense of confidence for dealing with this assignment in a better manner, and rather than sulking over it; certain concepts can be learnt via this assignment.
Challenge 6: Problems of calculations
I am very sure that quite like me, other students too must have faced such calculation menace while completing their assignments. Well, just like I have dealt with it via some steps, you too can deal with this.

  • Make sure that you have a calculator at hand to take care of certain difficult calculations.
  • Try to find out shortcut methods to deal with assignment problems. With this chances of lengthy calculations will reduce, and also chances of error will be diminished.

With such techniques, you can definitelyensure that every challenge associated with mathematics assignment will finally get an ideal solution and you can proceed further in terms ofgaining knowledge.
How about you suggesting some other steps or challenges that may arise? Do send in your ideas!