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Top 5 Tips to Stop Being Procrastinator

by Feb 2, 2017Assignment Help

Homework and assignments are like something a universal problem which everyone has to deal with. Therefore every studenthates it and tries best to avoid it. Though it can’t be denied that homework is time taking and horribly frustrating. In most situations, it has been noticed that homework and assignment comes second on the priority list. Or some cases may arrive such that you cannot do your task as the way you planned. Now you just have a single night to deal with all these things. So in such situations, the only question that pops up on mind is how to handle this in the least time.

But you cannot solve the problem like this. You need to go deep down, to know where the actual problem is. The first thing is you need to stop being a procrastinator at first.

Who is called a procrastinator?

Procrastination is the practice of ignoring the important tasks and concentrating more on those of the unimportant ones. Which ultimately causes unwanted rush on the important work that at the last moment. Therefore the individual who is responsible to delay the work and finally end up in huge rush is known as a procrastinator. I can mention a few points how not to be one like that. They are like:

  • Set a deadline of your own
  • Make small goals and achieve them eventually
  • Estimate the side effects of not doing tasks on time
  • Reward yourself
  • Be brave enough to face difficulties

Apart from these, you might also be surprised to know that for few people these tips will not work because that might be suffering from a psychological disorder commonly known as ADHD. This includes depression, unreasonable behavior, anxiety, neurological disorders, etc.

So here I will give you the answer to your question how to do a lot of homework before the deadline. But it’s my advice to keep enough tie for doing homework. Because the, more you will hurry the more errors will creep up your homework.

  1. The first thing you must do is make a plan of your own that is which part to do at first and which part to do at the end. Executing plans is much easier than disorganised That will help you to achieve work more easily. Well for making a plan it won’t be that bad if you take assistance from your guardian or teacher. They might help you the best in this case.
  2. The next thing is set a pre-deadline. Thinking what is pre-deadline? It is a deadline set by you much before the deadline which you are given to submit your assignment. This will help you in error correction and do things flawlessly. Not only this, it will reduce the possibility of missing deadlines. Again if you think that you have several deadlines then mark them all in a calendar to manage them easily.
  3. The next thing which you must do is arrange everything and then start your Like if you need a geometry box then do not waste time on it. Collect everything once before you sit. Numerous intervals will create adisturbance. Hence you will get distracted. If you focus on your subject assignment, then you can realise that it is neither so tough nor so time taking.
  4. Now when you begin solving the mathematical problems solve them in a pen and paper.So that you can mark where you are wrong. Some of you try doing it mentally but that would increase errors and will kill some more time.
  5. If you are stuck with some doubts, then mark it and ask your teacher to help you. There is nothing to feel shy to ask your doubt. Okay if you still feel some hesitations then the best thing you can opt for some online help. So these things will help you overcome the difficulties and move faster towards the goal.
  6. For doing so many things choose a quiet place where no one will disturb you. It will be very effective if you can switch your mobile off. It would be best if you are under your parent’s supervision while working on an assignment. This is the best thing you can do. So the ambience mustalso be suitedfor the type of work you are doing.
  7. As just I mentioned earlier that math is not hat tough if you understand and get all the concepts. Added to all these it is mandatory to perform minor mental calculations. Not only calculations but it is also mandatory to mug up all the formulas and tables and other necessary things.

Last but most important to meet deadlines of math assignment is self-motivation. Encourage yourself. But never compare yourself with others. Take regular intervals while doing the assignment. But remember too much of breaks will break the concentration. So if there is a will you will find a way.

Hence patience, practice and planning or the three P’s are needed to obtain a complete flawless assignment on math. It is always recommended to maintain deadlines and to fail on it creates a real bad impression. And this is applicable for everyone whether it be a school student or a college or even a research scholar. That is the reason to complete things earlier. If you are fed-up with your assignments and cursing math to the fullest, pause and read. Read the entire above tops ad try following them at home. I think it will really help you through. If you have similar issues with chemistry homework, then get knowledge from 6 tricks to complete your chemistry homework efficiently. You might get some more interesting solution out of it.

What more? Gain knowledge on the subject. In-depth knowledge is really vital these days to answer to the conceptual questions. Bid farewell to your bad days and invite in happy days. Just try following those tricks. Self-help is the best help so it is only you who can solve your own problems. Solve them all and conquer math assignment that too within deadlines!