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Top 5 Things One Should Check Before Hiring a Private Tutor

by Oct 1, 2016Online Tutoring

Finally, after a lot of doubtful and clarification sessions, I did get convinced that hiring a private tutor was necessary for my daughter’s enhancement in studies! This was the first time that my family had seen such trying times in regards to my daughter’s education and this situation required an immediate solution.

From the time my daughter stepped into mid school, it has been quite a roller coaster ride for her. From the increase in number of subjects to the lack of attention by most of the teachers, there was a host of problems that she had to face.

In such a situation, as a guardian, it was my responsibility to ensure that she gets the best of services in regards to her academic career and naturally choosing out a private tutor for her was the only way out!

Need for a private tutor in present times:

I am sure you too must have faced those very crucial moments with your child, wherein, there might be certain issues that you had to face regarding getting that ideal help for him or her. Most importantly, searching out for a quality private tutor must have been one of those important aspects that required intense checking on your part to get those ideal characteristics.

For me, there had never been a need for private tutors for my daughter; however, with the studies of mid school increasing its influence, I too had to search out for an extra option for my daughter.

Prior to finalising, there were certain important aspects that I had checked regarding getting that ideal private tutor, who apart from helping out my daughter in her daily studies would also help her in motivating to achieve her dreams.

Factors to be checked prior to getting a private tutor:

‘’ A teacher moulds a child’s thought process.’’

This has always been my thought process in regards to getting that ideal teacher for my child. More than helping her in her academic career, what was important was that my daughter should be motivated towards following her dream and realising her ambitions.

I am sure this aspect is something that even you would have wanted from that professional tutor. Hence, I would like to share those factors that I had taken into consideration before associating a tutor for my daughter.

Step 1: Knowledge regarding the subject

This is the most important factor that needs to be taken into consideration prior tohiring of tutors. Since my daughter needed external help in mathematics and physics specifically, hence, I made it a point to check out certain important facets before finalising the correct tutor for my daughter.

  • I checked out what were that particular tutor’s qualification in that specific subject was and what degrees he held.
  • Secondly, I also checked what his level of knowledge and technique of explanation in that specific subject was.

Only after I had a detailed idea of that person’s credentials on that specific subject, I decided on checking out other aspects as well. So, it is advisable that when you are getting your child a private tutor, you too should check this factor out at the very initial level.

Step 2: Level of experience that the tutor has

This is the next point that I focussed on specifically. Having the required credentials were not enough. What was more important was that level of expertise that the teacher had in regards to teaching the students over a certain time period.

  • I specifically checked out the number of years that he had been in this profession.
  • I also checked out what his mode of teaching by checking out some of his demo classes.

Since this is an important decision that you will be making regarding your child’s future, it is important that you take the right decision. I had kept a strong check on these factors that ensured that I was in the correct path regarding making a decision.

Step 3: Reaching up to your child’s requirements

I am sure when your child would have told you that a private teacher was needed, you would have reacted with immense shock quite like me. However, what is important at such a point, is to make sure that this requirement for teacher matches up to those expectations that your child has.

To make sure that the initial wavelength matches, I had a small discussion with my daughter and finally gave the nod for that particular tutor. I would like to share certain points that I discussed with my daughter, for you to take a cue.

  • I asked her exactly where she was facing problem and if she was sure that only a private tutor could help.
  • I also clarified what her friends were doing regarding this problem, and what solutions they had up their sleeve.

By cross-questioning I got a rough idea of her requirements and based on that I hired a tutor. As I have seen on a personal front that there come certain moments, when more than an academic guidance a student needs a motivator. In such a scenario, that kind of teacher can only help who ensure that with every step they along with academic help they provide a sense of motivation to the students as well. On a personal note, I was very particular about this feature and as a guardian, I would advise the other people to check out these details before giving the final nod.

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Step 4: Schedule and monetary details

Academics in present times has become one of the greatest businesses, and in such a scenario, it is very important that as a guardian I keep a check on details that are associated with such monetary matters.

There are a number ofprofessional websites that are present which provides details of the schedules of the private tutors that are associated with various agencies, as well as allow guardians to check out the price rates as well.

Once I was convinced of getting a private tutor for my child, these sites were the first places that I visited to check out the details. From here I made the final choice.

Step 5: References from previous clients

In case you have finally decided on a specific teacher, it is important that you check out what other clients who have used that teacher’s reference has to say about his or her services.

  • I had specifically asked for references of his previous employers before giving the final nod.
  • Also, I had cross-checked his details from the agency of which he was a part.

Only by checking out these details I had finally given my full acceptance for that tutor for my daughter, and now I can surely state that I am finally a happy mother. My daughter has been performing extremely well in both maths and physics, and her level of confidence has also increased.

So, in case you wish to get a private tutor for your child, make sure that these criteria are fulfilled by that particular teacher. Do you wish to ask certain other details? Why don’t you mail them to us? We would try our best to help!