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Steps to Inculcate Competitive Spirit in Your Child?

by Oct 1, 2016Homework Help

Are you one of those tensed mothers of the 21st century, who lives in this perennial fear as to what is the future of your child? Well, welcome to my world of thoughts. Initially, I was a new mother to a toddler, who was quite critical of the kind of independence that I had seen other parents give to their children. In fact, my stringent beliefs were strong up to the level wherein; I was very sure of not giving those very benefits to my child.
In all these stringent beliefs that I had about the competitive world, I quire forgot that a flower while it blooms never competes with its neighbour. Rather, it is simply happy in blooming in all its glory. This is a fundamental aspect that I was explained by an educational consultant whom I went to meet regarding my son’s admission to school.
Having sought that lady’s advice, today I would like to share some tips that would surely help in ensuring that you too can help your child develop a competitive spirit within him or her.
Why is such a spirit required?
As a new mother, I too did not understand the need to allow my child to have a say in every aspect of life. Naturally, it was the guardian in me who definitely tried to protect him from every incoming danger that he would have to face at certain point of time.
This is exactly where most of us parents make a mistake, since, we try to completely mould our children’s thought process and thereby create ideal individuals from them. However, this on a greater note hampers their process of learning a specific concept and dealing with it in an ideal manner.
A little amount of independence is required to ensure that they understand the situation that they are growing up in and learn to play by the rules accordingly. As a mother, who learnt this lesson in a very deep manner, I would surely try to put forth certain steps to ensure that you can follow these for greater benefit of your wards.
Points to help nurture that competitive spirit in your child:
So you too are in adilemma regarding how to ensure that your child gets the correct set of values? Well, try my technique and give your child some space. Trying this technique out with my son, I can surely state that you too will benefit and help your child in developing as a better individual.

  • Give your child the required space

This isdefinitely the most important factor that needs to be maintained while allowing your child to grow up. No person can understand their needs and requirements unless they face it all by themselves.
This is something that I had tried out with my son over a considerable time period and I saw the positive effect on him, as to how he started developing his own tastes, his own thought process and finally develop a spirit of his own self.
You too can try out these techniques, and let me assure you that the return will be as positive as ever.

  • Give them a solid structure to rely on

A strong structure is what you can surely provide them in the form of good parenting, a solid family life and love. Speaking on a personal note, I have seen kids from divorced families behave in a particular manner in comparison to those from normal families.
Since I had the chance to see the manner in which my cousins were brought up after my uncle and aunt divorced, surely made me open my eyes and check out our relationship. The insecurity and other bad influences that loomed large on their heads were something that made them much less competitive and presentable in actual life.
Hence, as I have noticed, and would like to share, that children should be kept in that happy and safe zone that allows them to develop in their own manner and therefore allow that spirit within them to be kindled with all force.

  • Be the mentor and companion

This is one aspect that I was strictly told by the education consultant. A parent is someone who needs to act as a mentor or a guide to his or her child rather than as a guardian. I had noticed innumerable times as to how when I was forcibly trying to stop my son from doing something, he would always revolt back.
However, that very point when he was made to understand the reason, or spoken to softly the reaction from him would be very different. This is one important aspect that you too should note in case you have a child back at home for whom beating is not the correct option. Be the friend to your child and help him grow.

  • Understand their requirements

Unlike other factors, understanding my child’s needs has always been my forte. In fact, in my personal circle, I am quite famously known as the mother who knows it all. This is something that even you should try and follow, since a child more than anything else needs that parental care and understanding of their requirements.
Once they are confident of the fact that their requirements would be met, naturally they can have faith in their beliefs and act in accordance to their heart’s choice. Giving that free hand to the child is the most important aspect of allowing him to nurture his own thoughts and ambitions. I would surely vouch as a mother to ensure that such aspects are taken into consideration.

  • Allow them to learn by experience

As they say and I firmly believe that nothing can be better than allowing the child to experience the highs and lows of life and learn from that. There was a time when I was extremely protective of my son, saving him from every little problem that may arise.
However, after a consulting session I did stop this and now I can say my son is a much better individual, who is aware of how to react in what situation. This was not part of his habit previously. Time for you to loosen your grip as well!
These are some of the important points that would surely help you in making your child an independent individual who would grow up to have a competitive spirit and be with those ideal values that make him a great individual.
I have seen a massive change in my son’s behaviour. You too can try it out and let us know the results!