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10 Important Facts That You Should Know About Physics Homework

by Oct 1, 2016Physics

‘‘People are like Quantum Physics. They are always behaving differently when they are being observed.’’ Well, no matter what you are doing right now (other than reading this blog), or where you are at present, or what the outer world around you looks like, you will find physics prevalent each and everywhere in this universe.
We often make use of facts to define that which is true or exists in real. Had there been no facts, there would have been various doubts on the prevalence of truth itself. It is due to these facts that we trust on what is true. In the same way, there are facts which make it easy for us to understand concepts and subjects. These facts make us understand the intricate meaning of a particular topic.With the prevalence of various interesting and amazing facts, students can easily understand physics which in turn helps them to do the physics homework.
I can recall an incident from my secondary school, when I was first introduced to Physics as a subject. I still remember that our Physics teacher explained how an apple fell on Isaac Newton’s head which led to his theory of gravity. I later understood that it is because of him that we have a separate subject called Physics. This led me to wonder as why it was an apple which fell on Newton’s head and not a bomb!
I know that most of you, who are reading this post, must be thinking of ways which can make it interesting for you to understand the subject and do the Physics homework easily. Well, even I had the same thoughts before appearing for my Physics Exams. It was then that I came to know about certain interesting facts which cleared my misconceptions on physics. Keeping in mind about the problems which the other physics students face, I have come up with those facts which have benefitted me.
The 10 most interesting facts which you need to know for solving your Physics Homework easily:

  1. The expansion of Universe-

The scientists of the Big Bang Cosmology have recently proved through various scientific theories that the universe we live in, is constantly expanding. It is believed that the Universe is expanding and accelerating which is causing the galaxies to go away from each other. And the galaxies are expected to evaporate in the coming 10-20 years.
According to several of these theories, only the White Dwarfs (a type of star) will survive in this expansion as they have a lifetime of more than 10-32 years. One school of thought believes that this expansion will not only slow down, but will also go into backwards, causing a ‘Big Crunch’.
Now imagine the existence of another Universe like the one you are reading in. Well, don’t disbelief. As per the multiverse theory, there are infinite numbers of universes which exist parallel to each other with slight variations!

  1. The mysterious microwave and liquids-

Well, this is one of my most favourite facts. Have you ever wondered why the food coming out of your microwave oven remains soft? As per the latest researches conducted on worldwide basis, water, when in liquid form can enable the development of many new molecular interactions. This development enhances the absorption of heat by food items which you put inside the oven.Now don’t you think the idea of liquid absorption gets clear with this fact?

  1. Relativity makes the space travelers young

Yes you read it right! If you are a space traveler then you will be younger, thanks to the relativity. The speed of time is not only affected by gravity, but velocity too. The higher is the velocity and gravity, the slower will the time pass. If you are an astronaut, you will slowly lose your time roughly, at a rate of 1 second on a count of 747 days. Now if you are a lady reading this, start taking preparations for your space journey to look young!

  1. The speed of light is not constant

Being physics students; I am sure that by now you know that the speed of light travels at 299,792,458meters per second. No matter which Physics law you refer to, you will see that light travels the fastest among all that has the capability to travel. However, this large figure is applicable only when the light travels in vacuum. Whenever light passes through some object, it gets slowed down. It is measured to travel at a slow rate ofonly 38 miles an hour having a rate of complete zero which is -273.15C while passing through a cold metal. Now don’t you think that the concept of light is easier to understand with this fact?

  1. Humanity can be conformed in a cube-

Recall the day when you first learned about the structure of an atom? You will remember that ‘‘an atom consists of 99.99999999% empty space.’’ This means that the computer screen or the mobile screen you are staring at for this post, the chair you are sitting is almost empty! Now if you gather the entire race of human beings, and remove the entire space that lies vacant within the atom, a cube weighing several billion tons will be formed, which is ten times the weight of all the human beings currently residing in the planet. The next time you have to deal with an atom, remember this!

  1. Viscous fluids can flow at high speeds-

It is usually believed that viscous fluids cannot flow as fast as water which is a liquid with reduced viscous level. However, recently some scientists have proved that viscous fluids like ‘ketchup’ can flow at higher speeds if they are constantly sheered till they achieve momentum. Once the thrust is attained, the fluids get decreased slowly and a free momentum is observed.

  1. The unbelievable hydrogen energy-

The sun is estimated to burn around 620 million metric tons of hydrogen per second into 616 million metric tons of helium. Out of this, 4 million tons of mass enters the solar system. And among this, 3.6 pounds of the total mass reaches the earth.

  1. Anti-gravity movement-

While moving up narrow pipes, water easily runs against the gravitational pull. This process is known as ‘Capillary Action’. The water moves up in the pipe without any support and against the gravitational force of Earth. This proves that gravitational force cannot control the movement of each and every matter which is present on the earth’s surface.

  1. The mysterious unanswered question-

It is true that astrophysics has made several advances in the recent years. But it is still unanswered that what lies in the most part of the vast universe. Some reasonable estimates can be made but a large part of the universe still remains mysterious! Now you see that it is not that physics has answers to all. So whenever you get stuck in physics homework, don’t stress.
If you are facing problems with your physics homework, then you can refer to ‘How to achieve success in your Physics Homework’.

  1. Light waves do not move in straight lines always-

During your initial level in Physics, you may have read that light waves travel in straight lines. However, a recent research in 2010 stated that light too can get twisted into knots while travelling. This study has proved that light when passing through a hologram, twists in different shapes which results in the formation of multiple knots. Thus the waves no longer remain straight. Now when you solve homework on waves, remember this fact derived from the new study.
With these interesting facts incorporated into your study, I am sure that solving physics homework will be a lot more fun!