Top 15 Colleges for Studying Astronomy and Astrophysics in the U.S.

Astronomy is a branch of science which is concerned with the universe, space and objects in the sky such as asteroids, planets and stars. Astrophysics, on the other hand, is a branch of astronomy which is concerned with the implementation of different laws and physical theories for making observations regarding astronomical concepts. It is also concerned with thephysical state of stars, planets and other celestial objects.
It can be tough to choose the right college to study astrophysics and astronomy. Read on and know about top 15 colleges in U.S for studying Astrophysics & Astronomy. Know about the various courses offered through these colleges, along with simple requirements regarding entry into these reputed institutions.

  1. Harvard University

This university offers astrophysics & astronomy courses at graduate as well as undergraduate levels. Students at the undergraduate level generally like to pursue courses from Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences or a joint concentration or astrophysics concentration from Physics Department of the University. No other master’s degree course is separately offered at thelevel of graduation. Students can get a Ph.D. in Astrophysics & Astronomy on successful completion of an experimental, research-oriented program.

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology or MIT

Although there is no traditional Astronomy department in MIT, the institute offers varied astrophysics and astronomy programs at undergraduate and graduate levels, as well as doctoral level. The programs are offered through Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences Department. It also offers programs through Physics Department.

  1. Stanford University

Although there is no separate astrophysics or astronomy degree at thelevel of undergraduate studies, students can select any of these subjects when they major in electrical engineering or physics. Graduate and undergraduate courses in astrophysics and astronomy are primarily offered via Physics Department. Astrophysics & Astronomy can be studied by graduate students through Electrical Engineering Department, Applied Physics Department as well as Physics Department.

  1. Princeton University

Astrophysics & Astronomy courses are offered by this university at Astrophysical Sciences Department. Graduate & Undergraduate level students can avail these courses. Some graduate-level courses in astrophysics are also offered through Physics Department.

  1. California Institute of Technology or Caltech

This university offers graduate & undergraduate level courses to its students. Through its Astronomy Department, it also offers post-doctoral training to research associates. The Astronomy Department is a division of esteemed Physics, Mathematics & Astronomy Division from this university.

  1. University of Chicago

It is an institution that saw the honing of many eminent astronomers. University of Chicago happens to be one of the most in-demand institutions in the United States for studying Astrophysics & Astronomy. There is a separate Astrophysics & Astronomy Department in this university which offers both graduate and undergraduate level courses.

  1. Columbia University, NYC

Located in New York, this prestigious university offers Astrophysics & Astronomy courses to both graduate & undergraduate students through its Physics Department as well as Astronomy Department. Generally, this university does not accept graduate students for the Master of Philosophy or Master of Arts degrees in Astronomy. However, on completion of coursework for over 1 year, brilliant students are offered an opportunity to get these degrees.

  1. Yale University

BS & BA degrees in astronomy are offered by Yale University to students at the undergraduate level, who either wish to opt for a further graduate course or wish to study the subject without any plans of studying the same from a graduate school. Astronomy Department in this University provides graduate students with a chance to get a Ph.D. degree as well as pursue programs that they offer along with Universidad de Chile as well as various other departments of its own.

  1. Cornell University

This institution offers astrophysics & astronomy courses at graduate & undergraduate levels through its Physics Department & Astronomy Department. For students who like to study astrophysics, there are plenty of opportunities for research work through Physics Department. Both graduate as well as undergraduate-level students are offered enough research opportunities as well as courses by Astronomy Department in this University.

  1. University of California, Santa Barbara

This university, also referred to as UCSB, offers students at the undergraduate level with the option to choose astronomy minor while doing a Physics Major, as well as gets a BA or BS degree. Students at thegraduate level can do research on different astrophysics topics.

  1. University of California, San Diego

It is regarded as one of the prime research universities in the world. Based in San Diego, this institution offers undergraduate students a physics BS along with a specialization in Astrophysics. Graduate level students can get the chance to get a physics Ph.D. along with some type of specialization in the topic of computational science. They can also select cosmology along with computational astrophysics for their research studies.

  1. University of California, Los Angeles

Also known as UCLA, this university offers different courses in Astrophysics & Astronomy to graduate and undergraduate level students. Graduate students can get a Ph.D. or an MS while undergraduate students can get an astronomy BS along with a major.

  1. University of Illinois at Urbana Champagne

It offers different options to undergraduate students, electives in the topic of astrophysics, astronomy & computer science major and a minor as well as major in astronomy. It also offers Ph.D. and MS degrees to graduate students.

  1. University of Texas at Austin

This university offers a BS in Physics, BS in Astronomy along with theoption for an honors degree and a BA with major in Astronomy. There are broader options for graduate students. Students can get the chance to gain a Ph.D. or an MS in the subject of their choice.

  1. University of California, Berkeley

It’s popular Astronomy Department offers different courses in astrophysics and astronomy. Both graduate and undergraduate level courses are offered. Whether observational astrophysics or radio astronomy, the topics include everything!
With these 15 universities, you can have excellent training as well as guidance regarding your Astronomy & Astrophysics education. Check out official websites for each university; find out about curriculum & how you can opt for courses which are preferable for furthering your academic career.

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