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How to determine the percentage of acetic acid in vinegar?

  • You can titrate the acetic acid with a strong base like sodium hydroxide
  • By using a phenolphthalein indicator the tritation’s end point can be detected
  • The acid base indicator will change the color from clear to pink
  • Acetic acid forms the main component in vinegar
  • It is basically a carbon based compound and has only one ionizable proton
  • It helps in making the organic acid

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When does alcohol become vinegar?

Alcoholic solution when contains less than 18% of grained alcohol then it becomes vinegar. It also occurs when the airborne bacteria gets oxidized with alcohol to produce acetic acid.

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How are different types of vinegar produced?

  • Cider vinegar is actually produce from different fermented apples
  • Balsamic vinegar is produced from white grapes
  • From distilled alcohol, white vinegar is prepared

What are vinegars used for?

  • Vinegars are used for a multiple purposes like
  1. Cleaning
  2. Cooking
  3. Pickling
  4. Gardening

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Concentration of acetic acid in vinegar:

  • For table vinegars the acetic acid percentage is 5-8%
  • For pickling vinegars the percentage will be 18%
  • Pure acetic acid is often referred as glacial acetic acid

In case of titration you will like to know about the equivalence point which will be equal to the endpoint. It basically means that the indicator needs to be selected which will change the color where pH.= 8.72. The phenolphthale in will change to pink from clear when the pH. will reach to 8.

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