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Tips and Tricks to Succeed Your Chemistry Homework Battles

by Oct 29, 2016Chemistry

“I hate the very sight of that big fat boring Chemistry book! I don’t want to complete my homework! Just leave me!’’
Well, that is the usual growl that my son gives whenever he is asked to complete his chemistry homework. Nothing unusual it is! Just like thousand other students, chemistry nottobe a favorite of my son, and each homework session is both a pain for him as well as me. Are you too facing this issue with your child? Welcome to my problem zone!
As a mother who never quite had much of a problem regarding completion of homework for her children, completing chemistry homework is no mean feat for my son. It is to ensure that he completes his work on time; I tried out certain techniques that to a great extent helped him. Not that he has started loving the subject, but definitely to a great extent this has given him great confidence in completing his work on time.
Taking this opportunity, I would surely like to share the tactics that helped my son battle the homework monster called chemistry. I am sure that it will help you to take care of your child’s needs.
Tactics to battle the homework monster: Chemistry
What most of the students don’t quite understand is that chemistry is a subject that amongst its contemporaries is specifically based on understanding. Whereas other subjects to a certain extent may require theneed for memorization, when it comes to chemistry, thederivation is all that is required for achieving a particular formula or a specific equation.
As a student, chemistry was not my favorite; however, it surely did not come under the list of my most hated subjects. Hence, it was quite distressing to see that my son had such negation towards completion of homework on this subject.
Given such a scenario, the first technique to ensure that homework is done is properly is to understand concepts of the subject. Step by step understanding of this subject and breaking down this into small modules is the best way to complete the homework without getting scared and lacking respect for this subject.
Step by step procedure to battle Chemistry homework:
This is a step by step procedure that I tried using with my son, after having a thorough talk session with an educational counselor. Hence, I can completely vouch for the fact that this method is scientifically proved and hence it can be used by one and all.
“Where there is will, there is a way.”

  • Getting to know deeper concepts of this subject:

This was the first thing that I started off with. I made sure that my child before sitting down with his homework went through the chapter on which that day’s work was based. Luckily, the school curriculum of my son does not allow students to be burdened with homework every day. Hence, while starting off with this technique we had quite some time in our hands.
I sat down with my son and made sure that the particular chapter was well read and basic concepts and details were clarified. Only then did I allow him to proceed with his homework. This knowledge of deeper concepts and understanding of the topic made sure that while he was doing his homework, he did not have to consult his book consistently, or rather rankle his brains for forgetting those concepts that he had memorized.

  • Taking notes in every instance:

This was another task that I had almost drilled into him every time he decided to deal with this subject. Make sure that you make your child do the same, it really helps! Take notes! Be it classwork, or lab, taking notes should be an important part of your child’s routine.

  • I made sure that while this subject was taught in class, my son took basic notes and later brought them home for further reference work.
  • Also, during lab tests, I gave my son strict order to ensure that he was noting down little aspects of the test results.

Finally, these notes were compiled back home and then used for completing his homework. With so many references back, getting proper homework done became easier. Make sure you try this out with your child.

  • Making use of YouTube videos:

For those parents who wonder if YouTube videos or any such video sites would be helpful for battling chemistry homework, then I have to say that in my case it was really helpful. There are a number of videos that explain concepts in detail, and such videos are helpful in thecompletion of homework on a regular basis.
I took help from online professional websites to make sure that my child completed his chemistry homework without much of a problem. You must try out this technique; it surely would help!

  • Usage of Flashcards:

If you are still thinking about this then trust me, I tried using this technique with my son and his homework completion is surely less of a war now. With these study sheets and flashcards, understanding concepts of the topic became easier, naturally, completing homework as well became less of a struggle.
This is one trick that I still try with my son, and is one of the best ways to help a student complete their chemistry homework. Why don’t you flip through making effective use of homework to become an active learner to get an idea as to how homework is done in a correct manner can be beneficial for your child?

  • Usage of Mnemonics:

In case you have never thought of trying this out, this is a really helpful technique. Can you decode Kangaroos Hopping down Mountains Drinking Chocolate Milk? Well, if you have not figured out, then it is simply a mnemonic way to understand themetric system. Why not try this out with chemistry?
In most cases, it so happens that students forget the Periodic Table while they complete their homework, my son being the ultimate person to do so. However, with this new trick, I have made sure that he takes his subject seriously, and while completing his homework, he does not face any problem. Definitely, a great trick to calm the problem called chemistry.
So, what are waiting for? Start off this technique with your child now, and you will get to see fantastic results. Do you have some more queries? Mail them right now!