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A financial asset is one that obtains value owing to a contractual claim. Examples are bonds, stocks and bank deposits. Financial assets do not have much of a physical worth or immediate value, as compared to land, cash or property.

The three stop valuation process basically addresses development of three various approaches to value, the sales comparison approach, cost approach as well as income capitalization approach. The agenda is to use these values as a measure to assess their impact in concluding to a final outcome that reflects best the conditions described on a valuation condition or VC form. With the help of a VC form, one can identify smoothly the major components of any type of property analysis. This also enables an appraiser to carry out visual inspection, describe the results, identify outcome and even reconcile any findings or differences.

As a subject, financial assets and correspondingly three stop valuations is widely studied as a part of economics, commerce and accounting. Certain MBA courses also incorporate this principle. The initial concepts may be a little difficult to grasp but with time and hard work it becomes easy. We are fully adept in extending the three stop valuation process homework help.

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