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Things You Should Know About Audit Report for a Better Understanding!

by Jul 9, 2017Accounting

Before you get any deep into the audit report homework answers, let us first explain to you what is audit report? Audit is a process whereby the firm’s books of accounts, vouchers, statutory records and documents are well scrutinized to see whether the financial statements of the profitable firms, as well as the non-financial disclosers made by the NGO’s, are true or not. It helps in ascertaining the true financial position of the business.

Why is it mandatory for a firm to hire auditors?

It is often found that the financial statements of the firm is mishandled and changed for the personal benefits of some. This would, in turn, hamper the position of the business firms.  That is why the auditors are recruited by the firms so that these types of mishandling can be reduced as much as possible.

Different types of audits

There are different types of audits. The Financial audits are helps in ascertaining the information regarding the financial statements are valid and can be reliable up on.

The cost accounting is used to make the cost and benefit analysis. It measures the market for labor, material and other things used for production and final sell the commodity. It measures the cost that is incurred by using some basis tools of accountancy.

What is an auditor’s report?

It is important to know who is an Auditor. The person who carries out the auditing is known as the auditor. The Auditor’s reports are very crucial to any business firm. These reports are published by either internal or external auditors. It is so very important because sometimes the financial statements are used by the third party. That is why they rely on the Auditor’s report.

The auditors’ reports are neither evaluation nor any technique to make the financial statements. These are true judgment of the auditor. It is just an opinion that is given after evaluating the already existing consolidated financial reports.

Types of auditors

To move further with your audit report homework answers, let us first discuss about the types of auditors. There are different types of auditors. The internal auditors are the government agencies. The works for the company who hire them. The external auditors are the one who is not hired by any consultant but have firms of their own.

They follow their own accounting system.  The third type is the consultant accounting system. They are the external auditors also. But they follow the firms auditing standards.

Thus there is independence between the internal and the external auditor of the firm. But the consultant account is somehow tied to obligations to work both as an internal as well as the external auditor.

There are now professionals who are hired and they perform security audits and information system audits. All these information are important for audit report homework answers.

The audit committee

Another most important thing that you should know while doing the audit report homework answers is that there is an audit committee under the publically traded company. It is nothing but an operating committee for the board of directors. They are charged with the responsibility of overseeing the consolidated financial report. There is a chairperson selected amongst the committee member.

Steps to complete your audit report homework answers

There are some basic steps that should be followed while doing the audit report homework answers:

  1. Planning out the audit- firstly sees whether you can complete that audit or not. If you think you have any problem with the understanding of the auditing, then take help of your teachers. They would explain it to you.
  2. Learn the audit terms properly- Yes it is very important to first learn the audit terms before start solving the audit report homework answer. Access the size of the audit.
  3. The main work of an auditor is to give an opinion about the financial statement. For that first try to find all the mistakes in the statement. This can be done when you have in-depth knowledge of auditing.
  4. Built a strong audit strategy that you will be using every time to carry out the auditing report. Lay down certain plan of actions that is important.
  5. Once you are done with the auditing verifies, and cross-examines to reduce mistake from your side.

How can you improve your auditing skill?

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