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Things to Cut out When You Do Not Have Time for Your Homework Completion

by Nov 2, 2016Homework Help

Progress in academics goes hand in hand with ever increasing thevolume of homework and assignments. At times, this workload can be so overwhelming that it becomes a daunting task for students to cope with this pressure. This, in turn, can lead to deterioration in the student’s grades. It is therefore very important for students to learn to manage their time well.
A step by step process

  1. First and foremost, it is important for students to accept that assignments and homework are an integral and unavoidable part of academic life. Procrastination will only add to that ever-increasing volume of work.
  2. Instead of procrastinating and avoiding their homework it is important for students to learn to pick and prioritize this work to meet the deadlines.
  3. The primary question that arises is how one should go about the process of picking and prioritizing their homework. Should one start with the easier assignment first or pick, the harder one. It’s difficult to decide and comes down to how this decision would affect or benefit the individual.
  4. Easy assignments can encourage the student with a quick win. Also, getting some assignments off the list leaves the students with fewer things to think about.
  5. On the other hand, starting with the hardest assignment first, ensures that the student’s energy and focus is at the highest level to tackle difficult problems.
  6. Also, after the most challenging work is over the rest of the work feels easy and the workload is much lighter. Harder problems usually carry more weightage and are graded higher.
  7. Completing them first ensures that the student has covered the major portion of his assignment and his grades wouldn’t suffer in the event of time shortage in case he must skip a few of the problems at the end. This also somewhat answers the next question that we would be discussing.
  8. The other question that confuses students is that in the event of a time crunch what assignments should students try to complete and what can be left out.
  9. It is always best to target the hardest assignments of the homework first as these are graded higher and would cover for the simpler ones that you choose to leave out.
  10. Another factor to keep in mind while picking the assignments to complete is the due date for the assignment. When you do not have enough time for homework completion, it is best to leave out those assignments that are not due in the immediate future and concentrate on completing those that are required to be submitted immediately.

Time factors must also keep in mind!
Cutting out due to time crunch does not necessarily mean cutting out on homework. Students should cut out on unnecessarily wasting time that could otherwise be used to work on assignments.
Spending time on social media sites can be a major example of one such distraction besides television surfing, unnecessary partying and other such examples. Students should chalk out a plan and stick to it in order to complete their homework in time. In thecase of a free period, one should consider utilizing that time adequately to complete the homework instead of just whiling it away hanging out with friends or partying.
Once you have chalked out a plan to complete your homework, the next thing to consider is breaking down the time allotted to the individual assignments. It is important to target finishing an assignment within the allotted time that you have set aside for it. This ensures that you stay on track with your homework completion schedule.
As mentioned earlier, taking out time during breaks at schools and using them to complete parts of your assignment can ease out the pain later in the day when you actually sit down to do it. It also feels relieving to know that you have considerably less ground to cover.
Selection of places!
Picking the right place to complete your homework is as important as the time and schedule. Choose a quiet place and well-lit place. Make sure you are working on a table and chair and not your bed as this can make you feel lazy and you could also fall asleep. Also, a noisy or dull room can cause laziness, as well as fatigue besides distracting you from you, ’re your work.
Also, make sure you take short breaks between major assignments. This will reenergize you, give your body a little rest and give you that boost to carry on with the next assignment.
Some important points!

  • Above all a proper plan goes a long way in making things smoother and cuts down on time required to complete your work. Make sure you know what submissions, such as documents or presentations, are required as part of your homework.
  • Knowing this saves a lot of time as you can itemize your work and make a checklist,to see if you have covered everything. Having this knowledge helps avoid wasting unnecessary time when you actually sit down to work. Another important thing is to ask a lot of questions during class so that you have a clear picture of what you are required to accomplish as a part of the assignment. All of these add up to greatly reduce the time required to complete your homework.
  • It usually so happens that as soon as you make up your mind to do something the entire world seems to be conspiring against you to pull you away from your work. The most important advice that will get you out of such situations is the simplest one. Say “NO!”
  • Tell your friends you are working and will catch up with them some other time. Keep your mobile switched off so that you don’t get distracted by social notifications and calls.
  • Last but not the least, if you do get stuck with some of the problems in your assignmentsdoes considers getting assistance from a friend, mentor, tutor or experts available on paid online tutorial websites. However, this should not be made into a habit and should be used as a last resort.

Therefore, these points must be kept to ensure that the child becomes more interested and dedicated to studies. And at last scores good marks!