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Things to Consider Before Choosing English as Career

by May 17, 2017English

Career is the work or occupation handled by a person for a significant period of time. It gives you the experience to handle that job. Experience matters a lot to make person’s career. A person can change his career with time if he/she wants to.

How should career be selected?

  1. Selection of subject for higher studies
  • Most people opt for their passion. It is very important that you like your career. It must drive you throughout your life. You need to think about it at very early age. Every child has a dream in their childhood to become something in their life. Parents and teachers should drive student’s interest and support them for pursuing it as acareer and help them for selecting aright subject for their higher studies.
  • Parents and teachers should analysis the hobbies of thechild. It will help thechild to take it as acareer. They can properly guide child’s study accordingly. Example your childlike to play avideo game, you can guide him/her to take profession related to video game development. If he/she likes drawing, you can mold his/her studies to make her artist or graphics designer.
  • One more option can be, you select subject for higher studies which you like to study in your school. This subject will be thebackbone of your career selection.
  1. Analyze your skills

After selecting asubject, you need to analyze your skills in that subject. Say you want to become aprofession in video game field, but there are many posts. How will you select one right career? You need to analyze your skills. You need to know whether you are good at developing or testing or graphics. How to know about your skills?

  • The subject in which you were good at the school will become your skill example if you like drawing and video games, you can become graphics engineer.
  • No analysis is better than self-analysis. Think about yourself. Make a checklist of the skills you are amaster Takefurther steps for your career growth accordingly.
  • Ask you guardians, parents, and teachers about the skills you have. Talk to your friend, they can also help you to get more knowledge about your skills.
  1. Now choose your career

Now when you know about your skills and you have chosen your career, it is easy for you to determine your current state.

  • Write down the skills you have and your experience level skill wise and what you should have to pursue your career effectively. This will help you to make ladder through which you can reach to your final result.
  • Plan your higher studies and college preference beforehand. In this stage, parents should not force their child to enter into some college and take asubject which child does not like.
  • They should work with the child to fulfill his/her dreams. The child should work with their parents and gather as much knowledge about school ranking and education delivering technique. You need to understand that at last, your education will help you to grow in your career.
  • Now consider your financial position. Talk to your parents about it. Take information about scholarship and loans beforehand to avoid last minute panic situation.If everything is ok, then proceed otherwise look for other options.
  • If you are planning to take Journalism, teacher, writer, content writer, interpreter or travel guide as your career, it is very important for you to take English subject and other local subjects.

Things you need to consider before choosing English subject for your higher studies:-

  1. Your foundation while studying English should be strong enough. Knowledge of grammar, noun, pronoun, verb, usage of tense etc., should be strong. Analyze your knowledge of English properly.
  2. Talk to your parent, friends and especially They will help you to understand your current position skill wise.
  3. Try to analyze why the English language is important for your career?
  4. Try to understand the importance of language
  5. What career growth you can achieve if you master the English language?
  6. If everything is not ok, then look for other options in your career.

How to improve your English?

  1. Make achecklist of the skill you need to gain and those skills which you need to gain or enhance in near future.
  2. Make proper study schedule which does not hamper your school study of other subjects. Your school study should not be hampered. Time management is very important for a student.
  3. Try to talk to parents, friends, and teachers in English. Try to work with them to enhance your skills and understand skill lagging area.
  4. Communication skill is also very important. Try to work on phonetics, pronunciation and writing skills. The way you deliver the English language it will impact listener. He/she will be impressed. Language knowledge will help you to become an effective communicator and a good writer. Good communication skill will help you to become a good teacher, client handler in office, Journalist, news reader etc.
  5. Writing skill knowledgeand good calligraphy will boost your number in other subjects also. People will feel reading your articles.
  6. Understanding of your content will improve, so the number of readers will increase drastically. It will boost your chances to become a good writer, journalist, blog writer and teacher.