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Things Teachers Expect from Students before Giving Homework

by Jun 23, 2016Homework Help

Education is one of the most important parts of the human society. Not only does it help to build a prosperous career and future for a person, it also helps to mold the characters of them and lead them on the way to perfection. Hence, the teachers who provide us with education are indispensable members of our society. The relation between the teachers and the students is very crucial. It is our teachers who give us necessary knowledge and guide us on our academic paths. Often the passion of a student for any subject is motivated by their teacher.
Every student wishes to have a good teacher to guide them and similarly, all teachers too wish to teach well-behaved, enthusiastic and responsible students. As a teacher has duties towards their student, they also expect some dutiful behaviors from those students when they teach.If you are a student, you need to understand what your teachers expect from you and act accordingly so that they are not disappointed. Here we are going to discuss 8 things that a teacher usually expects from their student before assigning homework for them.
Assigning homework by teachers is very common in academic sessions. But doing homework is not the only duty of a student in their academic life. They have other responsibilities while learning, even before they get the assignments.
Regular attendance
Classroom is one of the most important places for a student as well as a teacher to interact with each other. This is the place where a student can learn many things from the lectures of their professors.  Generally, the home works are assigned on the basis of these lectures and classes. So your teachers always want to see you present regularly in their classes.
Being attentive
Every speaker wants to draw attentions of their audiences towards their speech. Similarly, a lecturer also desires their student to be attentive during lectures. If a student does not pay attention, he or she may not be able to understand the subjects and they will be lagging behind. This will make them unable to perform their homework completely and properly.
Interaction with teachers
A teacher will always want you to find and clear your initial doubts and queries in the class itself. Your clear concepts and ideas will help you to deal with your homework in a better way. So never hesitate to ask questions to your teachers if there is any doubt in your mind.
The main portion of the learning usually lies outside the classrooms. So, the habit of self-study is most important. You can study.

  • Textbooks are the most popular and also crucial for studies. You must go thoroughly through your text books it helps you to get an idea of structure of your syllabus.
  • Class notes are very important and easily available to any student. It helps to remind them about the lectures and explanations of their teachers.
  • Reference books are also sources of extra knowledge. You can get different reference books from libraries.
  • Internet is the most popular and updated source of study materials. Here we can get millions of modern ideas and knowledge about your subjects. We can also download several e-books as necessary to avoid going to libraries.

All these extra knowledge that you gather from outside the classrooms during self-studies helps to strengthen your learning and make your assignments perfect. So your teachers always prefer a habit of self-studying before doing homework.
It is often very monotonous and boring to study alone all the time. So you can get involve ina group for studying which makes learning interesting and effective.

  • You can make a group with your fellow classmates and friends to study together. Where you can get different ideas from your group to solve problems and doubts. One can also make their way of thinking more innovative.
  • You can also consult your senior students who can help in studies with their experiences and wisdom. Remember if your contacts are with upper-level persons then there is a good influence over your mind which improves your skills.
  • Social media is one of the modern ways to create groups. You can subscribe to several discussion groups on these media where you can interact with others around the world and thus enrich your ideas.

A teacher always likes their students to interact with others before going for a second discussion with their teacher.
Overtime classes
It is not possible for a teacher to clarify all your doubts and problems in details within class hours. So they always encourage their students to consult them after class hours outside class.So, if there are doubts even after the lecture then students should definitely get help from their teachers after the class, even before they get their homework.
Being organized
During the lectures, each student should take down running notes in their copies, neatly and in a systematic manner.

  • These notes come in handy while self-studying and during discussions with teachers, where they might draw references to their notes.
  • Try to study or revise the chapters which are to be discussed in the next classes so that you can interact properly with your teachers.
  • Practice writing down the facts and formulas about your lessons which will help you to remember them better during the discussions in class and make a good impression on your teacher.

Valuing time
Value of time must be realized by every person, especially students. Try to maintain time during studying.There is an appropriate time for every work, including studies. So, try to complete your learning in that time. You cannot hope to keep postponing days of studies and then complete all of it in one day.So, teachers always expect their students to progress along with class and learn their lessons in proper time.
All these above attitudes are the ones that are expected by a teacher from their students before they are assigned with their homework. These qualities are very important for a student as they assist them to deliver their best homework.But what makes homework so important?The habit of doing homework seriously can help any student to prosper in life. It helpsthem to become hardworking, disciplined and also tests their concepts and application powers which all will not only fetch them good grades in exams but also make them stronger in their future life. So, homework has become a part of academic training and education.It is not quite reasonable to imagine students’ life where homework does not exist. If a student can follow all these points as expected by their teachers and work hard sincerely, then they will be able to submit appreciable home assignments, bring top scores in the tests and mold a shining career for their future.