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Amongst subjects of science, physics is one of the most basics. There are several branches of this subject and quite fascinating too. One of these branches is known as thermodynamics.Before we get into any details of this subject, one must first get a true feel of the master subject physics itself. All student know what physics is. It is a subject based on theories and experiments.

Hence, it is quite understandable that there are a lot of calculations and math involved in it. The greatest applications of math are evidently found in study of physics and development in its theories. The main objective is to match the predicted theoretical results with experimental ones. Physics is based on success of this very job.

Before you set out looking for Thermodynamics assignment answers, this subject is one of those parts where there is half theory and half experiments and making them agree is a tough business.

On the subject

This word, ‘Thermodynamics’ can be broken into two: ‘thermo’ and ‘dynamics’.The former refers to temperature and other factors involved with itwhile, latter means motion and analyzing origins of force, pressures and energies. Hence, you can make out, that this subject is a study of motion, forces, pressures and energies which depends upon temperature related factors. That is exactly the case!

This subject is mainly concerned with three major factors, viz.

  • Temperature –

It is a measure of the internal energy of a system or matter.

  • Volume –

Needless to say, it refers to space occupied by a solid, liquid or gaseous material concerned

  • Pressure –

It implies to the force exerted by a mass of considered matter per unit area of surface(s) in contact with them.

This information can be valuable as short Thermodynamics homework answers,which can be well exploited. Apart from these, there are also four laws of thermodynamics, which are:

  • Zeroth law –Defines temperature.
  • First law –States relation between work, energy and temperature in a system.
  • Second law – gives idea about which way heat flows spontaneously and which way not.
  • Third law –It deals with ideas and factors of system with extremely low temperature (~0K)

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