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Theory of Machines is a part of engineering and technology, which focuses on the understanding of virtual motion among parts of a machine and its forces. The topics knowledge is vital to an engineer who is developing machine parts. While doing coursework students may face numerous difficulties with the subject. In those situations, Theory of Machines Assignment Answers is needed.

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Theory of Machines and its divisions

  1. Kinematics –

It studies the movement of bodies without taking into consideration the forces that cause motion. It relates variable of motion like velocity, displacement, acceleration with time.

  1. Kinetics –

It studies the action of forces on bodies and motions that result from it.

  1. Dynamics –

It deals with forces and effect of movement in machine parts.

  1. Statics –

It refers to the forces and its effect when machines parts are at rest.

Some Concepts Covered By Our Theory of Machines Homework Answers

  • Rigid Body –

It is a body whose changes in shape are minor when compared to its overall dimension.

  • Mechanism –

It is a combination of rigid bodies formed and connected via some means so that they can be moved to perform functions, like steering mechanism of automobiles.

  • Links –

These are rigid bodies having hinged holes or slots which are connected to constitute a mechanism that can transmit motion or forces to some other locations.

  • Absolute Motion –

It refers to a body’s motion in relation to another body that is at rest.

  • Relative Motion –

It is the motion of a body in relative to another moving body.

  • Scalar Quantities –

This refers to magnitude only quantities.

  • Vector Quantities –

It is those quantities that have both magnitude and direction.

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