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The proper maintenance of all finance activities for any organization is mandatory. For this reason, there is a provision of separate finance department in every organization.

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There are multiple financial theories and models present, which are used by companies and CAPM or Capital Asset Pricing model is one of them. Though CAPM is a very useful theory for asset pricing still due to some shortcomings, APT is generally preferred.

Arbitrary pricing theory or APT is taken as an alternative to CAPM, as APT has more flexible and accurate assumptions than CAPM. APT too is an asset pricing theory.APT involves more factors than CAPM which makes it even more complex model to understand. But no need to worry at all because ofTheory: CAPM Alternatives!? assignment help is ready to help you anytime.

What is Arbitrary Pricing Theory?

APT or Arbitrary pricing theory is another influential assets pricing theory based on the fact that expected asset returns can be determined by the association between the assets and several risk factors involved.APT is more advanced theory for asset pricing than CAPM, and also it overcomes the limitation of Capital Asset pricing theory.

According to the presumptions of this Arbitrary Pricing theory, the expected return of an asset is based on several micro economic factors like trade rates, inflation, manufacturing measures, market scenario and changes in financial cost and much more. To learn about this topic, you can go for Theory: CAMP Alternatives!? assignment help.

Unlike CAPM theory which is based on the criteria of only considering one factor, APT believes in considering certain micro economic factors and their sensitivity. The sensitivity of these factors is depicted by Beta coefficient for each factor.

Formula for computation

Expected return = r(f) + b(1) x rp (1) + b(2) x rp(2) + ……..+ b(n) x rp(n)


r(f) = The risk free interest rate

b = Sensitivity of the asset to the particular factor

rp = Risk premium associated with the particular factor

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As you can elaborate that how APT is different from CAPM? Both the theories though are used to calculate expected returns on assets still Arbitrary Pricing theory is more flexible than CAPM.

To understand this theory, students might feel trouble because of its broad perspective. Students need to know about multiple microeconomic factors and also computation of these.

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