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For those who are studying economics then they have to deal with topic on Labor which falls under microeconomics. So, brace yourself as you have to then deal with subtopic, supply of labor. Many students face different issues when dealing with the topic of supply of labor so it might be that you are also headed in the same awful direction. But there is no need to worry because we at are here to help.

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About Supply of Labor
The Supply of Labor Assignment Help team has for you a simple explanation of this topic of Supply of Labor. The team labor supply can be defined as the number of hours in total which a labor can and will use to supply at a wage rate given. When represented in a graph, the curve representing labor supply is upward sloping. This occurs because of the factor that the higher the wage, higher will be the number of labors joining or working for the firm.

And then there is the concept of elasticity of supply of labor which is helpful in measuring the extent at which the supply of labor will respond to the changes made in wage at a given time period.

Factors affecting the supply of labor are as follows:

  • Net migration of labor
  • Real wage rate that is on offer in a firm itself
  • Non-monetary characteristics of a job which is specific in nature
  • Overtime
  • Barriers to entry
  • Substitute occupations
  • Occupational mobility of labor improvement

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