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A product curve is that plot of data which includes the measure all the different types of products under study. Total product, average product, and marginal product each of them can be determined graphically with the help of the data obtained. Understanding graphical representations of these complex evaluations are easier to interpret. This is why it a preferable method of studying these calculations.

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Nature of the curve of Total Product

  • The total product curve shows the amount of output obtained from a particular production process with the addition of variable input function to the fixed input function.
  • It varies with variable conditions like the number of labors appointed for a task or with the fixed functions like the investment made in the production process.
  • When represented graphically it can be observed that the total product curve rises initially. This means that the slope of the total product curve increases at the beginning of the plot.
  • As the curve rises, it is observed the rate of increase of the slope of the curve eventually diminishes. This happens as the variable factor rises.
  • It forms an S-shaped curve which has a great significance in its study. The lower convex part of the curve shows low output and labor. Students can understand these complex curves with some the slopes of the product curve homework help.
  • This proves that as the number of efficient workers are increased the production of the number of products increases eventually.

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Nature of the average and marginal product curves

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Curve of the Average and marginal product via the slopes of the product curve homework help

  1. It is observed that as the addition of the functions responsible for manufacturing of a product is increased the curve of average products initially increases,
  2. Later the rate of increase diminishes, and the average product tends to fall or decline. Thus it forms an inverted-U curve.
  3. In the case of marginal product, a tangent is constructed along the curve of the total product.
  4. By the studying the slope of this tangent and its nature sufficient information on the marginal product can be obtained.

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